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Nude Stripes

 Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friday.
This was the longest absent days on mine in blog-sphere. With world cup going on I couldn't keep track of time and lost it. The matches used be at 1 or 2 pm at night and I used to turn into zombie at day hehe. Anyway Congrats to new world cup champion GERMANY. After the football fever was over I manged to hurt my hand and I couldn't move it for like weeks. Now it s okay, hurt sometimes but okay! So that what happened. I promise to post on weekly basis from now on. So let jump into nail art. Today's nail art is nude stripes. Its basically a stripes nail art without a base polish. You have striping tape then this Mani is piece of cake Else if you use scotch tape (like me) it can be little tedious because it kind of hard to cut the scotch tape in to thin pieces.
Colors are from my hello kitty collection. I wanted a pop of color so I made painted blue on my accent took me like 15 minutes to get this Mani done. And I love it so much I a…