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Easter Nail Art

Welcome Everyone Happy Easter everyone (:
Don't just decorate eggs this Easter, Decorate your nails too. Give some Easter love to them. This nail art features decorated eggs and cute bunny.  The possibility for this nail art design is endless. Colorful Polka Dots, Straights Lines , Ziz-Zag Lines, Curves and so many more.

Super cute isn't it? I was pretty pleased with the way the nails turned out.Have fun creating this mani. see ya!

Needle Marble Nail Art

Hello Everyone I am here to share Needle Marble Nail Art . Easy and Alternative way for Water Marble Honestly  I never learnt this technique very well - either the water temperature wont get right or the nail polish wont spread. I know how it feels when you sit to make beautiful water marble and it turns into horrible disaster.But today I have an alternative solution of this technique and it wont disappoint you.You don't need water at all. Just a Needle or Toothpick.

This is an easier option for you, like me, who think water marbling is difficult and messy. I'm very pleased how this mani turned out. Apply a base color, drop a little amount of others colors (apart from your base color) swirl the needle to create design. Do one nail at a time, don't let the colors dry. Play around and see what kind of shapes you can make! I would love to see your re-creation

Half Moon Manicure

Hello Everyone!
The half-moon manicure isn't a new nail art design but  everything old becomes new again.It can make your nails look bold and distinctive.Its a vintage look design and can give you a wow factor to your nails.

This nail art is popular since 1930's but lately this design got reborn using more vibrant colors. This mani is fresh and glamorous and suitable for any occasion. You need two colors to create this Mani. Apply base color you want. Allow it to dry completely then with band or oval cut scotch tape create crescent shape. Place the band or scotch tape few inches above your cuticles. Apply second color in the remaining area. The idea is when you remove the tape later the base color will be visible giving you half moon effect. Give a try to this mani. see ya!

St. Patrick Day's Nail/Shamrock

Welcome Everyone! Are you doing anything special for St Patrick's Day? Why not paint your nails with shamrock? I'm joining in by marking the day with my special St Patrick's Day nail art.

Its simple and so Irish. I french manicured my nails with green nail color then with white striper I drew a thin line above it. For shamrock I drew three little hearts and gave a steam with toothpick below it.I hope this mani gives you some idea. If you try it then do share a pic with me!
Until then....

Clouds Nail Art

Hello Everyone
Nail inspiration can come from anywhere, right? I was making myself warm in this cold winter morning with the sky clear blue filled with lots of fluffy cloud . That gave me a idea to make clouds in my nails
I think this mani looks so cute and simple.The clouds are easy to do. I just used the toothpick dipped in white polish and made four to six "not so perfect" dots to form a cloud. Give it try !