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Geometry Stamping plate Review | BPS

Hello Everyone!!! Cant believe 2016 is almost over. Do you have any plans for New Year? Today  I have a quick reviewof stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. I have Born Pretty Stamping Plates BP-L054 ($2.39) As always the stamping plate came with the standard blue protective film which must be removed prior to use.It had its own cardboard sleeves for storage.The plates come with a plastic backing to avoid sharp edge. This rectangle plate is  covered with beautiful Geometry Pattern. For some reason I found this plate very refreshing. BP-L054  features 13 big images and 7 small images. The Big images are quite big even for full manicure. The plate is simple but it has endless possibilities. You can go for minimalistic look or reverse stamp to get some eye catching look. As for the quality of the plate -its brilliant.  I didn't had any problem while transferring the design on nails. They are well etched.
I decided to go for subtle look. For this design I used  Angelacq Light  Bl…

Merry Christmas With Born Pretty Store Product | Review

Hello Everyone!!!How are you all? Merry Christmas to all those who are celebrating :) Today I am celebrating Christmas with Born Pretty Store Product that had been sent to me for review. Let's start with  the Christmas Stamper. The stamper is no different from the regular Starry  Sky Silicone stamper - of which I have already done a review which you can see here. The stamper came with its very own cute little plastic box plus two scarper. The stamper stand/body is filled with Christmas design thats what made this Stamper special.  The stand is available in two different design and the head of the stamper is  available  in five colors.  The stamper head is sticky and its picks up the design perfectly. For this Stamper I used Tape to remove the excess design. Acetone tends to damage this stamper. The product is listed under ID Code 36395 and  is available for  $3.59 The second product that I am gonna review isChristmas Stamping plate BP-130 As always the stamping plate came with the…

ABC Challenge : Z is for Zebra | Nail Art Challenge

Hello Everyone!!!
Today is the last theme for ABC Challenge. 26 weeks of fun is going to end today.This challenge has really help me to push myself beyond my limit and been a great learning process. The last prompt is  "Z" of-course. To keep with a theme I decided to do Zebra pattern. 
As always I started with white base. Once it was dry, I used French tip nail sticker to create sideways half moon, and finally  stamped Zebra patterns using  BP- X13 stamping plate.  So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below.