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Leopard Print

Hiya lovely people!!.
Leopard Print - that's something every nail art lover's love. Its Chic,Stylish and on fashion always! Leopard-print nails are fun, and one of the easiest "fancy" manicures. All the painting is done freehand

I gradient  the back ground then with toothpick dipped in black polish I just drew some random brackets[( )] Let it dry before finishing with a top coat. Be creative; make your lines wavy and messy! 

Circle and dots Nails Art

Hello There ^^ To be complete honest I was in no mood to do any nail art but kiddos do have the knack of ragging :| so i simply came up with this design. Black and white with some random dots is enough . This mani is very simple Beginners can give a try.

Painted her nails with black then added some random dots from my trustee toothpick .simply added some more dots inside the previous one with white. You can try it with more cheerful colors. It will look stunning!

Nail Polish Haul II

Hello there Lovies dovies Who is excited about my Nail polish haul again :P Yeap got a incredible chance to shop like crazy. and as usual my mission was to get tons of nail color. But disappointing i couldn't get colors that i wanted and end up buying black, white, fast drying top coat and glitter nail polish :D Black and white colors - i cant live without them :')  lets start off my haul!!!

So i went to some mall and i brought all the nail polish in same shop. And good thing about them is they were in my budget ;)

This black polish is from MAC. It cost me 0.50 US$ which is 50 bucks in here. Its beautiful black and its bottle is stylish ;)

Ahh Glitter. I aint big fan of BLING BLING!! But i brought glitter polish almost after 4  to 5 years. so yeap i ma quite addicted and enjoy applying in almost every polish :P Its from MAC Agian (:

This white polish is from MAX. It cost me around 1US$ that is around 100 bucks here. This Polish is good but i prefer VOV white polish (: i didnt …

Sneakers And Heels Nail art

Hello Everyone! Sneaker nail art. I personally think every nail-art lovers do sprinkle themselves with this design at least once. So did I but as you can see I modified this style  by adding heels on my nails to give a chic look! It looks good right?
PRODUCTS USED 1) black polish by Mac 2) White polish by Max 3) Clear polish by Charm Limit

You will only need  black and white colors. Apply a black color for base then paint a half circle on the tips of your nails with white and then make a thin outline in black, then make a zigzag pattern with white to make the laces. You can even  make each sneaker  with a different color. Hope you like it!

Mustache Nail Art

Goodbye October, Hello November ^^
In love with mustaches. One can never have enough mustaches. Girls can have mustaches, too.We can always paint it on our nails. So I am here to share yet another very cute and adorable design.

OMG!! cute nails right??? Its very easy to make. With the minimum of effort and a toothpick you can  make this nail art cool and handsome . Mustache nails are a huge trend especially in November. Experiment and have some fun with this design. Hope you like it!