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Shinning Half moon.

Hello Everyone!!! Good morning, Smells of weekends are always so refreshing. I was scheduled to blog on yesterday but My Friday was so hectic.Glad its over. I am just gonna get some R and R. Today's mani's is half moon. I find this mani very chic and glamorous. I have done this Mani before but I am more satisfied by recent try. I think my nail art skills with tapes are getting better Woo Hoo :D Lets jump into images.
Whatcha think?!? T added two rhinestone on my accent nails to glam it up. Colors are from the same Hello Kitty Collection I love the color combination of Nude and black.  I hope you like today's Mani let me know on the comment below. Thank you for visiting! I will see you soon.

Paisley Print Agian

Hello Everyone!!! Phew Friday finally Any plans for weekend? I think I might catch up with some movies. I want to watch transformer so badly. Well for today's Mani I have a classic design- Paisley Print to share. From mid July to mid August we here apply mehendi/henna on our hands, though I have no idea why we do that. But I like to apply it so I didn't bother with the reason. And paisley is the famous design for henna as well. So that what I got inspired. I have done few paisley print already but I dont mind doing it again once in year. The colors used is from the my Hello Kitty Collection . Its dark brown. I applied two coat of it. It dries quickly and gives a beautiful shine.
After the base coat is dry I made the silver paisley design with tooth pick. I did a minimal design on three of my fingers and filled the rest to. It kind of drag attention to design. I love how the Silver color compliments the base dark brown. I love the final product. I hope you liked today's M…