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♫♪ Hoot Music ♫♪

Hello Everyone!!Happy Thursday (: June 21 is celebrated as WORLD MUSIC DAY. As I couldn't post on the same day to mark the celebration I am here today. I guess it not late to post about Music. As the theme was music obviously, I Searched the Google to get inspire and found a really really cute Owl with a headphone image. I loved the image at first sight and decided to give it a try. It turned out pretty well. Let me show you the pic.  I have attached the images that I got inspired by. What do you think. Its CUTE isn't it?!? Though my owl looks a little sad But I am so pleased with the final outcome.
I used  shade of green from my Hello Kitty Collection. The color is very beautiful green in person. But it looks kind of blue-ish in pictures. I don't know why \: I made the same owl on my Little sister nails with just a top coat as base color. I like her Mani more because the owl looked more alive on blank background. I hope you like today's Mani . Let me know on the comme…

Viva El Espanol [Worldcup nailart]

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day .
I am back with one more world cup celebration nail art. As I am supporting Spain I made a Nail art to keep up with the football spirit. I know Spain lost the first match but I am quite sure they will be back with more energy and good strategy for their second match which is today against Chile. I wish the boys BEST OF LUCK. Let jump on pics shall we?!?
 The color of Spain flag is Red Yellow Red Horizontally. I simply painted my ring finger that way. For rest of finger I choose to do french manicure. 
All the colors are from the hello Kitty Collection. I hope you like today's mani. Let me know on the comment below.  Thank You for visiting.

World Cup 2014 [Brasil Nailart]

Hello Everyone!!! I am on a cloud 9 as world cup will start from today. I cant wait to watch the match. Because of time difference the first match will be at 1:45 today at morning but I am gonna set a alarm make some coffee and watch it. YEAH!!! So to celebrate the world cup I made the host country that is Brazil  nail art . I have attached the images that inspired me to make this design. I just added a football ground on my middle finger and football on pinky. I am not satisfied with the bird but I made this design just now within 20 minutes. Color used are Pure Ice Free Spirit, Nude Color from my Hello Kitty collection and rest are made from acrylic paint. I hope you like today's Mani. Let me know on the comment below. Thank You for visiting. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

The Fault in Our Stars Movie NailArt

Hello Everyone!!!
Its Friday Woo Hoo!. It took almost forever to arrive *Sigh* Anyhoo aftter World Cup the only thing I am excited about was The Fault in Our Stars movie. I know I know I already made a nail art for it. But it was "Book Inspired" and this one is "Movie Inspired" ( Whom I am kidding. Movie is just excuse! I am just Obsessed with the book/movie. I might end up making another nail art for it. YAY!!) The movie got released On June 4 and I am super duper excited to watch- hopefully on weekend. Alrighty lets jump on the today's mani. I made a speech bubble/clouds on my accent nails and wrote the very famous dialogue Okay?Okay. If you watch the movie or read the novel you will definitely understand how that one word got a special sentiment. For my ring and pinky finger  I gradient the base and made a star. For rest of nails I simply made the same speech bubble but reduce the size.

These are the colors are used. It kinda annoying the nail polish does hav…