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Keep Calm And Polish On

Hello Everyone!!!
Today's nail art is something that I was planning to do for a long time. Almost since I  knew I had a thing for polishes.Before Ijust didn't knew how to implement the ideas. Now As I am quite good with freehand design I decided to give it a go.  I searched Google for imagesfor inspiration.
As usual I started off with white base then I created gradient using blue green and coral nail polish . And hand painted rest of the design. Hope  you like today's nail art . Let me know on the comment below. And I will see you soon. Thank you for visiting. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

Saint Patrick's Day Nails

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Although we don't celebrate it here but that didn't stop me from painting nails to its theme. This is gonna be a very quick post. Alright!!!  As usual I started off with white base coat. Than I used acrylic paint to create grey color for light chevron design (as I didn't had desired colored grey polish.) Once it was dry, I hand painted the rest of the design. As I used grey acrylic paint for chevron design it didn't smooth out well no matter how many times I coated it with top coat. It got wrinkle and bumps and took ages to remove this manicure.  So what do you think of this design? Let me know on the coment below. And I will see you soon. Thank you for visiting. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

White Silver Powder Review | BPS

Hello Everyone!!! Continuing with my Born Pretty Store review, today I am gonna share the last item. You can view my other reviews herehere and here. The product that I am going to share with you today is Glitter Powder. This product is listed under ID No 34021 and is available for $1.99.  The Glitter powder came in a  small transparent round jars. The jars contains 10ml of glitter.  The glitter  is mixture of White and Silver flakes.The size of the glitter are  1mm & 2mm & 3mm mixed. This  glitter powder is easy to use. You can just dust it over your plain polish or mixed with other design designs. You need to slightly wet the base so that glitters can stick on your nails properly.The powder/flakes is fine just like a sand. With foil method, its not difficult to remove either. Lasted very long on nails.
For this manicure I used white as my base. I dust the glitter on my ring and middle finger. Then I added top coat in rest of the nails as french side manicure  and d…

Cute Panda Stamping Plate review | Born Pretty Store

Hello Everyone!!!   I am back with more review from Born Pretty Store. Today I have  a very adorable stamping plate to show you. The plate I am reviewing is Panda BPX-L015 which is listed under ID No 38221 and is available just for $2.99.As always the stamping plate came with the standard blue protective film which must be removed prior to use.It had its own cardboard sleeves for storage.The plates come with a plastic backing to avoid sharp edge. This rectangle plate is  covered with adorable panda pattern. Cuteness overloaded. Panda BPX-L015  features 6 full big images and 17 small images. All the images are equally adorable. The plate is of brilliant quality, the images transferred super clean and stamped without any issues. I adored the pattern on this plate. For this manicure I randomly added drops of different shades of green polish on the stamper and stamped on the nails. I don't know what that technique is called. Once it was dry, I stamped the panda pattern on the nails.…