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A Black Stripe - Throwback Nailart

Hello Everyone!!!
How was your weekend? Hope it went well. Throwback Time again. I have very simple nail art to share today. I made this Mani for my kiddo (little sister) Parent's Day Program that I attended last year somewhere in May. I wanted eye catching, beautiful and something that match my outfit. I didn't wanted to over do as it was kiddo time to shine not mine. Keeping that in mind I just added a stripe which definitely rocked my nails.
I used Camieo brown (I think) MAX glitter polish some unknown brand black polish ( there was no name on bottle but it was love shaped. Adorable bottle right?!? teehee) I painted my nails with Brown polish first, let it dry completely then with Scotch tape I simple added black stripes. On my ring finger I added stripe in horizontal way and vertical for rest of the finger. I applied a glitter polish on all nails beside the ring finger. Its is really amazing how just adding a simple stripe can change the look of your plain polish.
I think …

Paisley Print - Red And Blue Nails [ With Touch Of Bling!!]

Hello Everyone!!!
This will probably gonna be my last post for Paisley Print for this month or year. Like I mention earlier I will post Paisley print each week for a whole month and I kept my words. I am actually kind of glad the month is over because I was seriously running out of ideas for this design, But I hope you like the design that I have made so far. Today I have add a little bling and use multi-color for the paisley print.

I tried this design with lots of color and this was the best I came up with. The idea was to mix a lighter and darker color. I was thinking of mixing a pastels color and black. But the black color I had was little thick to work with scotch tape. And other colors I tried didn't compliment each other.

I used Bloom Red, Elegance Blue and Max Black. I applied base color red, let it dry completely then with scotch tape I made triangle from blue and with my trustee toothpick I made paisley design inside it. On my ring finer I made teardrop (bandana) shape fr…

Wolverine Nail Art [Movie Nailart]

Hello Everyone!!!
I was thinking of doing a throwback day but I just finish painting my Wolverine nail art. So I got stuck between posting about Throwback Or Fresh paint Wolverine. Keeping my throwback day side and having 15 minutes discussion between me and my inner soul, I decided to post about "The Wolverine" as its gonna release from tomorrow and there is no better way to honor the Film. X-Men always been my favorite Marvel's movie/comic and Wolverine happen to be the favorite character. Now with Mr. Hugh Jackman playing the character I am so in love with it.  I was excited to paint this movie theme Mani asap after I came to know about the movie and finally today was that day. YAY!!!
I used Caiuro #15 Orange, Artic Nude color and Max Black. I have used tons of scotch tape to create the shape. I tried using toothpick but it didn't gave me straight lines so scotch tape came to rescue. Yeah it took hours to complete the Mani as I have to wait for colors to dry so I …

Paisley Print -Yellow Nails [Circle Cluster]

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back with Paisley Print  again. I am trying my best to come up with more paisley print. Paisley print basically sums up to Bandana (tear drop shape) and random circles which I made in my previous nail art. Of course there could be endless design- flowers, traingle, dots  but with toothpick I find it little difficult to catch all the details. I was not even sure about the design I made this time. Generally I don't post if I didn't find my nail art pleasing but then  I thought, may be you guys can take some idea/inspiration and make more beautiful then mine. So here I go... I used Cairuo CR #15 Orange. I applied three coats of it. I am so in love with the CR polishes . I think I will paint them too often so get used to it ;) Please ignore my henna design. They will fade away soon. they are almost invisible now.
After the base color was dry complete I made three half circles slowly getting larger in the middle of tip. Then I overlapped another cluster and f…

Cairuo CR Swatches And Review

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have very quick review about Cairuo CR  collection that I recently brought.Like I said on my haul post I am here with swatches and it review. I know Cairuo are not new lunch product nor it need any introduction. It quite well known Polish. Most of you must have some collection of it. But as for me, its my very first collection. The collection I have are all pastels. With the cute bottle and matching leads, this colors are well scented to. They smell exactly like their name suggest. This is the first time I am suing scented Polish so they are so cool to me. Every time I take my hand near my face, it just smell great.The scented smell strong for day or two and then slowly fades away. Lets jump to review before I make it a long post. Shall we?!?

Let me Start with Cairuo CR #08 Orange. I painted two straight coats with no top coat. And as its name suggest, it smells like Orange itself. This is by far the best orange I used. Next up is, Cairuo CR #20  Green Tea, th…

Ninja Nailart -Throwback Nailart

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Friday Whoop Whoop!!!! Time for throwback  nail art again and I have choose the  most adorable nail art back then from my box to share with you all. Ninja Nailart - *Hi yaaa* Who doesnt love being ninja eh?!? *PUFF* and they are gone. I am secretly Ninja too when my cell phone about to fall, I automatically get ninja power and catch it tee hee. Ninja nail art are one of the easy way to spice up your manicures. This awesome nail art is suitable for long and short nails.There are some quick way to create ninja in few minutes but this Mani took like forever to create - one reason could be I was not good with toothpick back then. But still this Ninja look cute and adorable and a little dangerous.

I used VOV white and Sonata Pink nail colors. I don't remember the name of black polish. I made a girly ninja on ring finger (that's me ^^) I first searched Google for Ninja cartoon images then choose four of them and literally try to copy them on my nails. That ho…

Paisley Print Green Nails

Hello Everyone!!
How was your weekend? Hope it was relaxing.  I have something traditional stuff to share on today's post. Paisley Print- Now if you are wondering why its traditional stuff?!? then here is the answer- in some part of South Asia, girls /women paint their hands withheena and its design are mostly paisley print. We have  a separate month for it and it started from today. So that gave me idea of making Paisley Print on nails. I am thinking of delicating a whole month on Parsley Print! (If I didn't get bored)
Doesnt this print is beautiful? let me make it clear that this is NOT Stamping. I made it freehand. Oh Yeah!! I love the fact that how this print has small little detail and I am so pleased that i am able to catch them all (: Paisley Print has lots of various option but  I wanted to match it with my henna design. So I made some circular and tear drop (bandana) Print.

I used Cairuo CR#20 Green Tea. I need to paint it three times to give a smooth look. Paisley Pr…

Nail Polish Haul V - CR Cairuo Polish Haul

Hello Everyone!!!
I always love writing about my nail polish haul. I like sharing my experiment on how I end up buying certain polish ;) Yesterday I went for nail polish haunt and amazingly at first site I was totally in love with this polish. I was introduced with a brand called Cairuo (CR). I have never heard about the brand before but its adorable bottle and affordable price made me brought it. When I first saw these polishes on display , I instantly knew I had to take some of them home. I brought 4 polishes ( I am planning to get more).
I am completely in love with them. The bottle are too cute with matching leads. I brought 4 shades from left: CR #08 Orange , CR#20 Green Tea, CR#15 Orange (I find this little weird it should be yellow then orange) and last one CR#16 Blueberry. They have a great range of colors. I Googled about the polish and land up on this site. Go check it out. You can see all the colors that are available. It cost $1.50 per bottle. If I convert that on my money…

Puzzle Nail Art -Tutorials

Hello Everyone!!
As I got few request asking if I could make tutorials about Puzzle Nail Art?!? YES ofcourse. I will be glad to make tons of tutorials for you all, Just Ask!!

Things you need
Two colors - Artic Dark Nude and Camieo Purple
Black Polish - Glamor Nail
Top Coat - True Lover
Scotch Tape

Step 1:
Paint on your base color. I painted 4 times straight away to give more smooth look. And make sure its completely dry to move on to next step. As we will use scotch tape for this mani - wet base coat is big  NO NO. If the color is not dry the tape will most likely pull up the base color. I waited almost 30 minutes!

Step 2:
Cut  two 3 to 4 inch long scotch tape and place it on your nails. Place a tape from cuticles to right middle down on your nails from right side. Place another tape from tip of your nails to right middle up your nails from left side. Hope the image below will make you more clear. The two tape should meet in middle creating Straight vertical and horizontal l…

Matte Nail Polish DIY!! Tutorials

Here is quick tutorials to matify your nails!!
There are so many ways to matify your nails you can use matte top coat ,corn starch,  eyeshadows. But my personal favorite is STEAM. Yes you will require hot boiling water!! 
Apply nail polish of your choice as fast as you can. I choose black
 Carefully place your hand above the boiling water so that nail colors could catch the steam. Be careful don't get too closer or else you will burn yourself!
Wait for few seconds and pull away your hands.
And there you will have matte polish instantly.

Final Product:
Please do share you re-creation with me if you make your own matte polish using this technique.

Puzzle Nail Art

Hello Everyone!!!
Do you like solving puzzle? I Did when I was little. I had quit bunch of puzzle solving games and I love them! So going back to my childhood memories I painted my nails with puzzle pieces.
It might look difficult but its not at all.  Puzzle nail art are very easy to make although its has a lot of details. You can even make this nail design without the black outlines. It a fun design to do and wear. I have used Artic Nude color. I coat it almost 4 times to give a smooth look and Camieo Purple and Glamor Black for outline. The only hardest part of this Mani is to wait for polish to dry completely. I painted my nails with Artic Nude, waited 30 minutes for polish to dry. Then with help of scotch tape-made square from Camieo Purple and with toothpick add dots to give puzzle pieces look. Easy right ?!? Will You paint your nails with puzzle pieces?!? if yes then do share your creation with me  Until Then...

Gradient Nailart - Throwback Nailart

Hello Everyone!!!
I am still wearing my Monster design and  thinking hard what to paint next. Lots of ideas are popping in but too much of them really confuse me!! As I am trying to post very frequently I thought of sharing some design from my hidden treasure -Yes its throwback time. I am quite excited about this Mani as I have not share this kind of design on my blog so far. Gradient Nail Art -  when two or more colors blend in to create a gradient effect. I truly believe Gradient manicure are  perfect for all occasion. You just need right color to blend in. It add a stylish touch to all of your outfits (Little Mix and match)

Gradient technique is a great way to add a charm on your nails.You will need two colors to blend ,make-up sponge and a top coat. I Used MAX shiny yellow then I dab some shiny blue polish on it (I dont remember the name  -.-") As I dab blue on yellow it turn into green - fun right? That how gradient works. You mix two color colors and invent new colors ;)


Monsters University (Movie Nail Art)

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy weekend ya'all.  Today I have a movie inspired Mani. I recently watch the most awaited movie "Monster University" and could not wait to paint my nails on its theme. The movie is good to watch but it is not nothing compare to "Monster Inc." But anyway Mike Wazowski andJames P. Sullivan will always be my favorite monster. So here I am to with a scare nail art to share! 

I couldn't find the perfect color for the sully (Sullivan) so I used what I had on my collection. This design is fun and cute to wear on nails and a perfect honor to the movie. I am quite satisfied with the Mani despite of color difference. I think it still looks cutely scary. 

I painted polka dots to match with sully body, MU logo, Sully himself, Mike and the logo of their group of scare - OK "Oozma Kappa". I have used Elegance Blue, Camieo purple and green, MAX Black and White, Glamor neon green. I hand painted everything using my trustee toothpick. Now after …

Stripes All The Way!! - Throwback Nailart

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Hump Day!!! I was just cleaning up my computers - deleting all the unnecessary images, folders yada yada... then I found some of my old nail art pictures :') You must know I got this addiction some 5 years back so I have some big amount of nail art collection. I used to snap pictures back then to but didn't have this blog to share. But now as I have one, I thought of sharing some of my old design. Lets just called it "Throwback Nail Art"

I made this manicure in 2012 (exact date on images). I clearly remember this was the second time I ever used stripers. Back then (even now) I didnt knew much about how to use stripers nor knew any design that I can make. However as I like doing random design - trying something new, I came up with this easy design (damn!! it almost killed me to draw those lines *sigh*) All I did was, drew three (almost) straight horizontal lines. I hope you like this Mani. I suck at using stripers but I was happy with this ma…