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Liebster Award Woo Hoo!!! :D

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Weekend (:
I just came to know I have been nominated for Liebster Award (: Thanks to Dil Chaggar from IArtNails and Colleeen From DreamItUpNails for nominating me. BIG THANK YOU to both of them.
Liebster Award is  aimed to encourage the Newbie blogger and help them again more followers. Its a award that show certain blog has been recognized and they are slowly coming on Limelight.

Here How it works.
1.You must link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2.Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
3.Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination.
5.Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

So, here are my answers to the questions Dil Chaggarasked me:

1.If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
World Trip,
Attend  a live concert of Eminem, linkin Park, 30 Second To Mars and Enrique Iglesias
And lastly get hundred thousand followers on my blog :P

2.What beauty it…

31 Day Challenge 2013 (31DC2013)

Hello Eveyone!!!
Like I talk about the 31DC2013 Yesterday I decided to participate. It sounds FUN and another excuse to paint my nails tee hee ;) I actually came to know about this challenge from A Facebook Group that I am member of. Then I knew ChalkboardNail is organizing this challenge (I think). Well I feel the thrill already. Painting nails everyday seems challenging enough for me. Let see if I will be able to participate in all of the challenges or I might skip one or two. Below is the list of the Challenge. I already have some idea popping in. 
I never participate in any Nail Challenge before. So I am looking forward for this one. 31DC2013 will start from September 1st.  There are no rules. You can participate or you can skip or space it out. You can post it on any social network (Blog,Twitter,Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr ...) but make sure to use a hash tag (#31DC2013) so we can look at each other challenges. Wish you all  luck and tons and tons of FUN. Let get craz…

Peace Please!

Hello Everyone!!!
I actually made this Mani for a challenge that is being hosted by Colleen - DreamItUpNails .When asked she said I can reuse my design for the challenge. I made this last week. I was planning to Post it on Challenge Day. But I have some other plan. I am still in process of thinking whether I should participate in "THE 31 DAY CHALLENGE" that going to be held from 1st of September. I will announce it by tomorrow. So about today Mani its very simple.Let me show you! Simple right? I used Charm Limit White 06 and Black 07 with Mode Love Top coat. I had fun painting it. I did this Mani is 5 minutes. I don't know if I did very less design or used less technique anyhow I am proud of it. I painted my ring finger with white. I didnt wait for it to dry so you can see some mess. Then with my trustee toothpick I made the Peace Sign. For rest of the finger I made fish tail french Mani from black and white. So that it for today. I hope you like today post let me know …

French Manicure With Stripes - Throwback Nail art

Hello Everyone!!! Good Morning (: Time for throwback nail art again. Today I have choose a simple Mani from my hidden treasure to share with you all. And I realized that I cant to do many throwbacks because it getting empty [*Sad face*] .Well anyway that means I have to come with new manicures and I can paint my nails more often :D French Manicure - its one of the basic nail art form. It simple chic and gives you glam in minute. But I have  add a very simple twist to make it more fun.  Do you like it?!? I just add some horizontal lines/stripes halfway through to my french Mani. I dont like wearing plain polish. Doing swatches are the only time when you see me wearing plain polishes. So a twist to french Mani was must.   I don't remember which nail polish I used. I made this Mani a long ago. Its must be Sonata pink ( beacuse that the only pink color I owe.Not a fan of pink polishes you see!) Camieo Green , that blue must be from the Sonata again (I used to owe the striper of Sonat…

MJ Nail Art [Tribute To KING OF POP]

Hello Everyone!!! Hope you weekend going well (:  Michael Jackson -  This name need no introduction. He is a legend and always will remains as King Of Pop. His music inspire and entertain us. Its heartbreaking that we lost a great musician. Though MJ is not with us but he will always live in our thought and prayers. As coming Thursday 27th August is MJ birthday I thought of  giving a tribute to him through my art. I absolutely feel honored doing so. Today Mani is inspired from King of Pop and dedicated to all of his fans! What do you think? I know its no near perfection but I am quite pleased with the Final product. It turn out exactly how I imagined off. I was planning about this Mani for long. I wanted to tribute him on the day he died but unfortunately  miss the opportunity. So this time I am a step ahead and post it quite early.
 I used Bloom Red,Charm Limit Black 07 and White 06 and Mode Love Top Coat. I gradient my nails with red and black then started to add the design. I wrot…

Blog Your Heart Out Award Nomination !!! :D

Hello Everyone!!!
Every time I came online the first thing I do is to check my blog and mail. So as set of habit I did the same thing this morning. One mail took all my attention. It was from Colleen from DreamItUpNails . The mail says  I have been nominated for the Blog Your Heart Out Award.  My Reaction was WHAT?!? o.O  Thanks Colleen for nominating me. A BIG THANK YOU Indeed! I feel happy and kind of proud. It feels  good  to get appreciated for your work right?!?
Blog Your Heart Out Award is basically designed to showcase amazing blogs that people might not know about yet. It a encouragement for newbie bloggers and help them gain more followers. The way this award works is you are given 5 questions to answer, and then you have to nominate 5 other blogs you follow that have less then 100 followers.
Below are my Question and Nominees  (:

1. What/who encouraged you to start blogging?
This is gonna be long. So get ready to go bored!! :P As you might know,  nailart passion started in…

Roses Nail Art [Floral Print]

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Thursday
Although I decided to post only throwback nail art but I just couldn't stop painting my nails. I gave a try on floral print. I am not good with it. I found it complicated to give small details. I have tried so many times before. But somehow the final product looked horrible. But this time it went well, at least presentable. So here I go!!!
It looks like blue roses right?!? I thought so. I am not proud of this mani but better to have something to post than nothing. I used MAX White, Camieo Purple, Elegance Blue, Camieo Green and Colors Metallic Polish.
Start off with painting white base. Then make a random circle from purple, it doesn't have to be perfect. Let it dry then make small semi circle or write "C" inside the purple circle. Make more semi circles from metallic polish to give more depth.I added small leaves around roses. Although this post is not satisfactory but I hope you like it. Let me know on the comment below. See you so…

Dots Over Dots - Throwback Nailart

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Tuesday
I am still little sick. Seems like swelling in eyes hast reduced yet.I wake up with red eyes almost every morning now a days. Its kind of making me difficult to paint my nails. But as I am trying to take blogging seriously I decided  to post as regular as I could. As its been long since I haven't done throwback I thought this is the perfect time. I don't need to paint my nails but I still could keep posting :D Today I have a very simple but uber cool nail art to share with.
Simple yet stunning right?!? I used VOV yellow 49 as my base color, MAX Black And White. I love the final product. Its eye catching and chic!! All you need for this Mani is few colors of your choice and a toothpick/ bobby pins/dotting tools. You don't need much of technique for this Mani. First apply base color and create dots over dots.You can make big dots and overlap small dots over it.This Mani is suitable for beginners. Personally this always have been one my favorit…

Argyle Nails

Hello Everyone!!! Hope your weekend is going awesome as you all are (:
Argyle print are very cool and fun way to manicure your nails with. You can find this print on socks, sweater but this print reminds me of the skirt that I used to wear to school (School uniform). This is a very colorful mani that you can get it in few steps. Although Argyle Print looks easy to make, it can be quite tricky. You need really steady hand to work with stripers or brush.
 What do you think?? I love the final product though my lines went quite thick on some finger but however  the color combination covers up all the mess. Its bright and so full of alive color. I used Charm Limit White 06, Cairuo #16 Blueberry,Caiuro #15 Orange, Charm Limit Black 07 and Mode Love Top Coat.
 I started off with white base, after 15 minutes of wait I drew triangle from Blueberry and Orange then with black stripes drew lines to give argyle print look. I made triangle directly from the brush of nail polish bottle. You can eiht…

Shine Like A Diamond

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Thursday to you all. I was just trying my hands on floral print but I couldn't make it. Didn't liked the finished product so I decided to share one of  the Mani which I made while I was still in bed rest. I couldn't help but paint my nails even when I was blind. Obsession you see! I always wanted to paint my nails on Diamond print for long. I find it quite easy to make them on my nails. Just some straight lines going here and there that it.  I used Cairuo CR #20 Green Tea, Glamor Black and True Lover Top Coat. I am pretty satisfied with the mani considering the fact I didn't had my specs back then and drawing those that straight lines was almost miracle for me :P I painted Green Tea on my pinky,middle finger and thumb and rest with black.After waiting like 30 minutes I dip my trustee toothpick on black polish and started to draw diamonds. You can fill the diamond with different color for more fun. So I guess that it for today. I hope you like to…

White Stripes

Hello Everyone!!!
Its been long that I haven't posted. Awh poor my blog must be lonely. My health went down suddenly and I was send to bed rest then and now. I had problems with my eyes too. Something inside it swelled ( I don't understand doctory words -.-") and I got new specs. Anyway feels great to get back on blogging. I have very quick post and quite simple as well as easy design today. A base color and white stripes falling down. I made this mani while I was still having problem with my eyes. I didnt have my specs and it was tedious to keep staring and to focus on. I tried to make the stripes as thin as possible for me. I know it not straight and thick but I am quite happy with it as I am *blind* when I don't have specs.
 I used Colors Metallic Polish and Charm Limit White 06 and Mode Love 06 Top Coat. I applied the metallic polish first let it dry complete and with white striper I stripe the while colors down. I am still in process of healing - once I gain my h…

Back to school

Hello Everyone !!!
My kiddo (lil sister)had been asking to make me the mani that somehow relates to school.So back to school theme was perfect for it. I've been waiting  so long for her holidays to begin so that i could make the design on her own nails.She recently finished her exam and the first thing that I did was painted her nail with back to school with all the enthusiasm I could muster up.

I haven't tried to make this mani perfect since its more like rough writing in a paper when your bored.Anyway,I used Charm Limit White 06 as my base colour,Elegance for blue stripes,Bloom red,Charm Limit 07 black,Max glittery yellow and Camieo green
I painted her nails with white base and after a moment of wait drew horizontal lines with blue striper  and verticle lines at the left side with red striper  to give it a paper design.Then I randomly filled my paper design with sun ,grasses,pencils,question marks and letters.Now the fun part is, I wrote "EMINEM"on her thumb just b…

Friendship Day Nailart

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friendship Day to You all. ((: Today is International Friendship Day- day when you cherish the moments and memories with your friend.  As its kind of special day I thought of making a special Mani  perfect for celebrating it. So I have very cute and colorful nail art to share with. I wanted my Mani to reflect the bond of friendship. I Googled pics related to friendship day and got inspired to transform them into my nails. I hope you like them (:
What do you think?!? I am totally satisfied with this Mani. Its fun and did reflect the friendship theme. I have used Cairuo #08 Orange, Cairuo #20 Green Tea, Cairuo #15 Orange, Cairuo  #16 Blueberry for the gradient, Charm limit White 06, Black 07, Bloom Red and  Mode Love 06 Top Coat.

I wanted colorful base for this mani for which gradient was perfect technique. When you have good friend in life- it automatically becomes colorful and fun isnt it?!? I applied white base, waited 5 minutes then gradient with sponge an…

The Smurfs 2 [Movie NailArt]

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friday!!
I love doing movie nail art. Its fun to paint nails with certain character. Its like drawing for me. When I was kid I used on draw in paper now on my nails ;) Today I have smurfs to fill your nails with their craziness act. I love the first movie and I am eager to see the sequel "The Smurfs 2". I was thinking of giving a try to acrylic paint for this design. I thought brush will give me more control to add small details. I sat with the mission of using a acrylic paint but it turn into disaster. Then I pick my Trustee toothpick and *Tadda* it worked.
I think I should stick with my trustee toothpick. It is easy for me to work with it. I made the shapes of smurfs from toothpick then outline them with black striper. I know it no near perfection but it looks cute and adorable enough. I used Cairuo CR #16 Blueberry as my base color, Elegance Blue, Charm limit White 06, Black 07 and Mode Love 06 Top Coat. Starting off with thumb I tried to copy the …