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Cute Flower And Owl Water Decals | BPS Review

Hello Everyone!!! For today's post, I have some cute water decals that I chose to review for Born Pretty Store. Recently  BPS launched so many pretty water decals, so go check them out in their website. First I have a very cute flower design pattern which is listed under ID Code 20608 and is available for $1.99.The water decals came in transparent plastic cover. It contains two different pattern. Both of them are very summer-ish. It is just large enough to cover all your ten nails with the water decals. Second water decals has very cute Cartoon-ish owl pattern all over it. You can find these decals listed under ID Code 20600 for $1.79.  I found those owl very adorable. Lastly Watercolor flower water decals. Its listed under ID Code 30401 and is available for $1.29. When I first saw these decals on BPS I wanted to try them. I found these decals very unique.The water color theme  makes it very delicate.
Review: I loved all the above water decals. The pattern are equally cute and fu…

Manicure Saver Cotton Claw | BPS Review

Hello Everyone!!!
I have a very useful tool from Born Pretty Store to show you today. The product is Manicure Saver Cotton Claw. When I first saw this product in their site I wasn't sure how I feel about it but once I tried it, I must  say, its a must have tool for all nail art enthusiast out there. This product is listed under ID:32220 and is available for $2.99. The product came in Plastic seal wrap. The cotton claw is made of Stainless steel and is of 11.5cm. Now on to mechanism - When you press the button in the back (apply a little pressure) and it will release  a wire claw on the tip. Some what like how a pen works. Once you hold the cotton on claw release the back button and the claw will immediately retract while holding the cotton ball. Simple as that. Below are some images to show you how it exactly works.
This product is amazing. I don't paint on both of my nails. I just do it on my left. But when I do stamping , my right hand is messed while cleaning it. But with t…

Fall Nails

Hello Everyone!!!  Its been long since I made fall nails. So I decided to create one. For this manicure I started with white base. Once it was dried. I fan brushed using color of falls in nails beside the ring finger. Then I hand painted leaves with acrylic paint. So what do you think Let me know on the comment below. Thank you for visiting. I will see you soon. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

Freehand Dandelion

Hello Everyone!!! How was your weekend?
So I haven't post for almost a week.  It's happened to everyone at one time or other. You're going along, painting and being creative, and then, suddenly, you are out of ideas. That what happened. I tried to do some freehand manicure but you know sometimes it jut doesn't work. Oh well.  Anyway I wanted to do Dandelion on nails for a while now. I have used dandelion concept on my work so many times. And each time its different and beautiful. But its kind of little difficult to create it on nails. I am still struggling with painting thin lines no matter how thin brush I use. As usual I started with white base.The polish is from "Water Elegant Lacquer" thats what is written on the bottle. Its a very sheer white polish. That three coats and you can still see the nails. Once it was dry I hand painted Dandelion. So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

Freehand Fish Bone + Chevron

Hello Everyone!!! How is your week going so far. We have so many festival going around lately. Its like festival every other day. And no we don't get holidays. Its like festival celebrated within certain community. Today's nail art is something that I wanted to create a long time ago but I didn't had right tools, you know, those tiny long brushes. Recently I brought a set of 15 brushes which helped me to create tiny details and I am really enjoying using them. About the nail art, its fish bone. What specially about them? Absolutely nothing I just wanted to create it after I saw few manicure based on that pattern. For this manicure I started with my usual white base from Caiuro.Once it was dried I created tiny fish bones all over the ring finger. I wanted to keep going the pattern all over rest of the nails but let me be honest it was tiring. It took me half an hour to create those in just one finger. I didn't want to keep going for another two hours. So instead I creat…

Robotic Nails | BPS Stamping Plate Review

Hello Everyone!!! Any plans for weekend? I am just getting some R and R.
Today I have final review of stamping plate that was send from Born Pretty Store. They currently launched lots of stamping plate with beautiful pattern so do check them out. You can see the rest of the review here , here, here and here.
The stamping plate that  I am gonna show you is filled with different Robotic Patterns. This product is listed under ID Code 30335 and is available for $2.99.
As always the stamping plate came with the standard blue protective film which must be removed prior to use. It had its own cardboard sleeves for storage. The plate has cute robot on it,some circuit and all that mechanical gear. I love the way they seem to utilize as much of the plate surface as possible. You can stamp a single robot on all of your nails or stamp different pattern. The choices could be unlimited.  This plate is of brilliant quality, the images transferred super clean and stamped without any issues. For t…