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Halloween Nail Art part II

Hiya  there people :D

As I was still left with lots of random ideas for Halloween Nail Art, I thought why not make it ;) so I made another spooky nail art in my Little sister's finger aka kiddo.She was happy with the final outcome and I begged her to let me click it and post it on my blog. Oh well.

Halloween Nail Art

Hello Everyone! Don't have perfect Halloween dress to wear this season????? why not try a perfect Manicure instead?  This is the final design I am going to wear for this festival. I ma so satisfied with how it turned out. So spooky spirit!

This nail features spiders,mummy, cemetery, haunted house and pumpkin. Everything that makes people's hair stand at the back of the neck. I mostly gradient the background with orange,black and yellow colors and everything else is made with just using tooth pick!

Nail Polish Haul!!

Few days back i went for some crazy shopping. My ultimate goal was to get some insane amount of nail colors ♥ sadly i couldn't find much variety of colors or the one that i wanted :( i need to satisfy with whatever option shop had. Here is the three nail color i liked the most. so i gonna post about them :D but before i get started lemme share some experience about my shopping. This is first shopping i ever did myself. Generally i asked my sisters or my mom to brings me nail colors. and i use whatever color they bring.  i wanted to get some weirdest color of my own so this shopping was most ^^

I wanted to buy polish from "China Glaze" but i couldn't find it |: i roam almost every shop  and no one sell china glaze polish \: i was shocked when few of the shopkeeper said me they never heard about this brand and some of them literally went china what? o.O i feel bad and amazed at the same time how shop over here don't have any choices nor they are brand conscious. …

Pink Ribon Nail Art

Hello Dearies !! October is not just a month of holidays and celebration It is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The month of October is famously painted with pink, the color representative of the Breast Cancer. So here i am with "PINK RIBBON"  showing support for breast cancer awareness !

This mani is simple to do. All you need is tooth pick and some pink nail color. I have just painted my nails with some dots to create the ribbon.Let the world know why you are wearing pink ribbon Mani and be proud of it "Knowing is not Enough Pass it On!"

Cute Ghost and Creepy Eyes Nail Art

Hello Everyone 
I have another mani for Halloween Series! This one is a cute ghost. I had a lot of fun painting this one. Reminds me ofthe friendly ghost "Casper". This design features cute little ghost faces and creepy eye watching you in dark. 

This mani may look complicated but amazingly its very easy to make.A spooky and fun nail design that is perfect for Halloween festival! Let me know what you think of this mani and do share your recreation with me! I would love to see.

Blood Drip Nail Art

Hello Eeveryone!! Its October!! Yay \o/ Halloween Time :')  Are you planning to go to any party and want to scare some fellas? ;)  Today I got the famous Scary Bloody Nail art to share with you guys. This manicure rocked some runaway. Models were spotted with this blood dripping manicure. Interesting Enough! 

This mani keeps up the spirit of Halloween alive and its really easy to make .A toothpick and some red polish are all you require to pull off this spooky, creepy manicure which is perfect for any Halloween bash.  Dip the toothpick into the polish and place a small dot about halfway down your nails, drag the polish up to the tip of your nail. Repeat - depending on how many blood drops you want in your nails. I hope you enjoy todays mani. Please do share a pic with me if you try this mani at home. See ya!