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Quilted NailArt

Hello Everyone.
How is weekend going? I am here again with another DIY design.Quilted Nail design - It is basically creating dent effect on your nails.  It look simple but its kind of little tricky and need  practice and patience. Funny how I stay careful not to make any dent on my nails after each manicure but never thought even those dents could be form of art.  This Mani is also called Fish net. This design looks from  fancy to gorgeous!!
Looks simple and beautiful isn't it?!? I know the dent doesn't have straight perfect lines that because I am someone who cant even draw straight lines even through help of ruler JK!! I used Elegance Blue. I applied two coat of polish and let it dry for 10 minutes then applied one more coat and waited 5 more minutes. With the help of thick wire I  gently pressed the polish diagonally from both side to create the dent / fish net effect.
I have this beautiful blue beads so I place them on my ring finger where the dent intersects  each ot…

Shade Of Green

Hello Everyone!!
Sometimes what happen with me is I sit to make a manicure, but it doesn't go well and I end up with some other design. That happen today again. I had this beautiful design in my head, I was excited to paint it but I couldn't satisfy myself with the final product so I erase it and make something simple - very simple.

I am happy with this Mani. Its simple and easy to do. Change in color does distract and catch attention. I used Camieo green and Glamor neon green.  You can even paint your nail with same shades of color but with more variety - like dark green and it fades out with each nail. In other words - use dark color and then lighter and more lighters colors like Ombre technique. Hope you get some new idea from this Mani.
See ya!

Bling It On

Hello Everyone!
I tried something new on my nails this time. I added "Rhinestone". This are gems for nails that must be available in any local store nearly by. I have been searching this gems, sadly I couldn't found in any shop I knew. But luckily I found it in home *Magic*. Just saying ! I found this  rhinestone while cleaning the closet.  They were stuck on some vintage clothe. As the dress wasn't wearable anymore I thought why not make final use of it . So I took off all the rhinestone and made a nail art from it . Closet - that my hidden treasure, wondering what I might use next  ;) This manicure is dedicated to all you bling lovers here's sparkle more than enough!

So what do you think?!? Doesn't it sparkle enough?!? I used  MAX black as my base coat as I wanted Rhinestone to get all the attention  and with help of  TRUE LOVER top coat , I paste the gems on nails. I didnt use any nail glue for it, top coat just work fine and strong enough to hold the …

Minions Nail Art [ Despicable Me Movie ]

Hello Everyone!
Long time no seen.I was busy with redecorating this blog. I think this will be final design I will settle with. What do you think?!? Go look around and let me know (: Today I have very adorable, cute and super fun minions nail artto share with. I love this little minions from "Despicable Me" Movie. They are freaking cute isn't it ?!? So I decided to make them in my nails. Love to be around them!

I know this minions doesn't look even close to the movie but its okay they look funny and cute enough. I made the whole design with help of my trustee toothpick so I am very pleased with how it looked. I made Dr. Gru on my ring finger. If you have watch Despicable Me movie poster then it has Gru shadowed image in it. I try to copy that in my nails. As Despicable movie 2 is going to release soon this is the perfect manicure to celebrate with. 
I hope you like them. Please do share your recreation with me! Until then...

Splatter Nail Art- DIY!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
How is week treating you - Nothing but better I hope. I am here again with another free hand/ DIY nail art. Splatter nail art is very easy, unique and colorful way to manicure your nails. You can do with different colors and this main is suitable for all of your moods and season . You just need right color and you will have   messy but beautiful design on your nails.

 This is how it looks. Fun right?!? I applied Glamor nail48 white for the base color. I have used Elegance blue, Glamor nail  35 neon green and Colors60 metallic polish.

You can create this look simply with straw. I will come up with tutorials soon ;) I love this kinda technique because you don't need  much of skill plus it doesn't have to be perfect. Messy splatter is perfect Mani here! The splatters look totally different and very personal to create. I hope you like it.  See Ya!

Tribal Nail Art

Hello Everyone!!!
This is my 50th post. I am very happy to come this far in my nail art journey. Thanks for all your love and support.  I wanted to do something fancy but chic Mani for this special post. I came up with Tribal Nail Art. Tribal prints are a huge trend in summer. They are very expressive and exciting. You can make it simple or go bold with different colors and shapes. Tribal prints have unlimited options. From stripes, pattern , dots, zig zag lines and more.

 I always wanted to do this Mani but didnt knew what design to make but  finally came up with this easy design And I am completely in love with this design! Looks bold but chic isn't it?

Base Colors is from Glamor nail"60", Iused "Glazed Green 19" from Street Wear for thick stripes and outlined it from black which is from Glamor nail"49", I used Colors"60" for the dots - it has green and blueish metallic color.I love the fact how the colors compliment each other. 

Though i…

Old Cartoon Animation Nail Art

Hello Everyone!
Welcome. Today nail art  is inspired by Cartoons. This Mani is on trend right now so I decided to give a try and I am happy with how it look, actually I got amazed at first because my nails look unreal it does gives animated cartoon look to your nails.

This Mani reminds me of my childhood. Watching all those good old cartoon and how bad to wish to be one of them . Happy to transform my nails in them finally!

I got lots of compliment. This Mani is unique and eye catching. I used Elegance blue for the base color then with the help of steam I give it a Matte look. With black stripers I outlined it, like creating a frame then with toothpick dip in white polish i added exclamation ( ! ) to give more detail. I think the main reason it looks like animated is because of matte effect. It takes all the shine for the polish and gives old  cartoon look.

So what do you think? I add a little heart from back in my ring finger just to stand it out. You can use any color for ba…