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Top 20 Nail Art From 2014 (Flash Back Post)

Hello Everyone!!!
2014 is almost over now and its been a very fantastic journey for my nailart. I have got inspired by so many of YOU and hopefully I inspired someone (at least a person) to create something beautiful. As we are so near to the end I decided to dedicate a special post for the manicure that I have made so far in 2014. I present you TOP 20 Best Nail art (according to me) from 2014.

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Oh Hello You!!! Merry Christmas (: I wish you very happy and jolly Christmas and hope you got everything you had in your wishlist ;) For me its just another day as I don't celebrate it, but it cannot stop me from painting my nails with the festive theme. Today is second last day of Winter Nail Art Challenge and we need to paint our nails with the theme of Santa Claus/ Elf/Reindeer. Of course I choose Santa Claus. Christmas is incomplete without Father Christmas.

Frozen (Olaf) - Movie Inspired NailArt

Hello Everyone!!! Today theme for Winter Nail Art Challenge is Christmas Carol/Song/movie. I choose to do Inspired by Christmas Movie - Frozen. I love that movie and absolutely adored the Character "OLAF". For this nail art I was inspired by the images that I found in Google byCuti-CLUE-les.

Christmas Tree - Winter Nail Art Challenge

Hello Everyone!!! Today is fifth Challenge of Winter Nail Art Challenge. The good thing about this competition is there is NO hard and fast rule to attempt all the challenges.You can do just one challenge or attend all. I decided to attend few of challenges as my cuticles are getting bad everyday. The winter is making hard to take care of them. I apply Vaseline all the time to keep them soft and healthy but somehow it doesn't seem to heal. Any Tips? Today Challenge theme is Christmas tree.Another good thing is you can interpret you own meaning in the nail art. So Today I didn't typically made a usual Christmas tree. I dotted them. White and Yellow are from Hello Kitty Collection,Pure Ice Free Spirit, Cairuo  Blueberry 19, Red from Top Lady 08. So what do you think?!? Christmas-y tree enough? I should have made it more triangular but well that my interpretation.Let me know what you think about it. Thank You for visiting. I will see you soon
Until Then...
PS: I am not able to up…

Christmas Candy And Cookie Man

Hello Everyone!!!
I redesign my blog again. I got bored with the old one. I am trying to settle with one theme but haven't really got a perfect one. But somehow this one feels like me? I designed everything for the blog. All the social icons, read more, back to top buttons everything made in Photoshop and little bit of tweak in HTML codes and walla I have version 4.0 :P Back to nailart. I am participating in a Winter Nail Art Challenge which I came to know through GelicBlog .I am totally late for this challenge . I was supposed to post it on last Tuesday but you know LIFE! Anyway better late than never. The Challenge was Christmas Candies so I have some sweet Christmas Candies and HOT Cookie Man to share ;)  Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection I simply did a french tips Candy Cane and add a cookie man in my accent nails which looks kind of weird because of the eyes. May be I should called Cookie Monster hehe. The cookie monster looked okay but my camera didn't had battery t…

Winter Sweater And Rein Deer

Hello Everyone!!! Winter is here so is Christmas. So here is my very first winter manicure. Although I dont celebrate Christmas it been kind of favorite holiday since childhood. I love the Idea of Santa Claus :D Today I have a winter sweater and reindeer design to share. The colors are from Top Lady 08 (Red), Pure Ice Free Spirit (Green),Revlon Chance Encounter (Silver). White from Hello Kitty Collection and acrylic paints is used to fill all those small details.

Everything is free handed even the rein deer. It took quite a time but it was totally worth it. Too bad I am planning to remove it soon for another Mani. I made a winter sweater design on my index and pinky finger. Rein deer on my accent nails and red green ombre on my middle finger. The reason I did omber was my big sis. She is kind of getting obsessed with ombre lately so this is for YOU big sis. I am very proud and satisfy with the overall manicure. Let me know what you think about it. Thank You for visiting. I will see yo…

Red Ribbon And Roses

Hello Everyone!!! Happy December!! Cant believe the year 2014 is about to end. It just seems like yesterday that I painted my nails with new year theme Mani.  I have another Nail art With PURPOSE to show you today. 1st of December is  WORLD AIDS DAY. Red Ribbon is the ribbon color to raise the awareness for AIDS . So Yes I have Red Ribbon nail with some roses to share.  The base color White is from Hello Kitty Collection and everything else is made from Acrylic paint
This is the second time I made roses on my nails and I think It turned out quite nice. I broke my thumb nail last week so no more picture of my thumb. I should learn some new hand position to snaps. Any tips? Thank You for visiting. I will see you soon

November Movember

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Belated Thanks Giving?!?! I wanted to Thank you all lovely soul for constant support and your kind words. Thank you all for the inspiration and love ♥
As November about to end I wanted to squeeze a mustache nail art before it was too late.I made this design before I posted the Purple - Anti bullying Mani. I just didn't find time to post it and Anti Bullying theme sounded more urgent than Mustache!
 Colors are from Hello Kitty collection.  I have no idea why I chose to make Pink leopard print with mustache but I surely think they look cute together ;) Right now I am giving my nails a break. At least no nail polish for a week . As Christmas is around the corner I will be back with tons of Christmas mani soon.Thank You for visiting.
Until Then...

Anti Bullying - Purple NailArt

Hello Everyone!!!
As November is famously known as the Movember it is also a month to raise our voice and fight against bullying. Purple is the Ribbon color for Anti Bullying. You can see my last year anti bullying mani here
I used Cairo Skull Shaped polish CR Blueberry 13 (Purple) And Revlon Chance Encounter (Silver).

I really love the color combination of purple and silver. This design looked more beautiful in person than in images ( somehow the camera couldn't capture the beauty of purple polish)
Fighting doesn’t have to be with your fist or mouth; the strongest battle is one where you use your mind- any idiot can use his hands, but what matters in the end is what you do with your head. Step up so others won’t get stepped on. If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying and needs help, here are some resources... Report Cyber Bullying TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TUMBLR | PINTEREST

Crazy Obsession

Hello Everyone!!!
I never post any material that is NOT related to nail art, nail or polishes.  But today I cant help but share some of my recent crazy obsession with you all. So this is gonna be my very first notanailrelatedtopic (I hope that okay !) I was quite in dilemma if I should post or not but than I thought "What the hell" So Here I go!
I went shopping with my kiddo (little sister) last week. We actually went for a hunt of some nice warm Hoodies or Sweat shirt (weather getting colder everyday) but alas I really couldn't find any sweatshirt at all and hoodies were similar to what I already owe. After roaming for about 2 hours we finally decided to gave up and was about to head back home when I suggested my kiddo to visit the mall that was on the way. Obviously we couldn't find what we were searching for but I did find some cute little EAR TOPS that blew my mind away :D Hell Yeah this is crazy EAR TOPS HAUL There were so many cute little stuff around but I cho…

Bokeh Circles NailArt - Tutorials

Hello Everyone!!! If you are following me in Twitter you must know I finally made tutorials for the Bokeh Circles that I made for one of my BCA Mani. As I got few request on how to make those Translucent Circles I decided to keep my procrastination on the bay and made it. Like I always say If you want tutorials  for any of my design all you need to do is just ask. I will be more than happy to make them. Things You NeedA base Color- White (Hello Kitty Collection)
Acrylic Paint
Ear Buds
A plastic Container
Top Coat

Step 1:
Paint your nails with the base color. I chose white as it would be a better canvas to show the Translucent Circles.
Step 2:
Take your plastic container and add a small amount /drop of acrylic paint. Add some water and mix it properly. I think the most difficult part to make this circles is to have proper consistency of paint and water. Diluting the paint and water is very important step to make this technique to work. While you are making this mixture the base color wil…

White And Pink Translucent Bokeh Circles NailArt

Hello Everyone!!! I am back with Pink Nail-art to support Breast Cancer Awareness. As Halloween is around the corner this is gonna be my last BCA Mani for this year. In today's mani I have tried a new technique that I never done before. Its called "Translucent Bokeh Circles" I used this technique for Depression Awareness mani but it didn't look like bokeh circle but  I thought of trying it again and I am happy and satisfied with how it turned out . I am slowly getting used to this technique.  Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection. I painted my nails with pink base except my accent nails and made Bokeh Circle on it. For my accent nail a white base and lots of pink ribbon for the cause. Bokeh Circle appears when lens (Camera) renders out-of-focus points of light. It was quite fun to make this design. It is easier once you get hold of this technique. I am totally loving these Bokeh Circle. I am gonna make it again and again.If you want  a tutorial about Bokeh let me kn…