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Cute Skull

Hello Everyone :D HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I wasn't planning to do any specific nail art for Halloween. As I already been posting lots of Halloween-y Mani since beginning of October. But I happen to saw a cute Skull tutorial across tumblr. And I knew I had to give it a try.How can I let go Halloween without any skull design after all?!?  Colors used are Bloom The Cassette Society II (A gunmetal grey) Charm Limit Black and Cosmetic Color White with Mode Love Top Coat.
The Cassette Society II A gunmetal grey The Cassette Society II A gunmetal grey The Cassette Society II A gunmetal grey The Cassette Society II

A gunmetal greyThe Cassette Society II

A gunmetal grey Whatcha think?!?  This mani is super easy to make. One big drop of circle from white, Three small white dots below the big circle and Two small black dots for eyes. Fun and Cute right?!? So this will be the Final design I will be wearing for Halloween. Com…

Spooky Black Drip!

Hello Everyone :D How was your weekend?!?
Its been long since I last posted. With festival around so many things are there to be done. Out of which Cleaning is my hate-test. By the end of the day I am so tired, I just wanna throw myself on bed and feel like never waking up. The only fun thing I did was I read a novel called "Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest [Yeah that fun to me] and I finally got the novel "And The Mountain Echoed" By Khaled Hosseini [I have been waiting to read the novel]. Well back to nail art topic I have a fun, sort of spooky Mani to share with you all. Colors used are Pure Ice Free Spirit [ I am so loving this green],Charm Limit Black and Something Color Cosmetic White. Whatcha think? The original idea was black base and green drip but Free spirit wasn't that visible on my black base So I did the other way around. I love how the drip came out. Does it look spooky? o.O Let me know on the comment below :D Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tum…

Pink On Pink!

Hello Everyone !!! I just want this week to be over already. Had been on busy schedule and I feel exhausted.Cant wait for weekend :') Today I have another Pink Ribbon Mani to share. This will probably my last Pink Mani for October. I enjoyed painting my nails with pink on this month and always feel pleasure to raise little awareness about Breast Cancer. Colors used are O.B.I Nail Polish 601 [Baby Pink] Cosmetic Color Pink 7, Charm Limit White and Black.
I made a very simple design [ran outta idea ): ] As usual all the design are made from my trustee toothpick.  I love the concept of turning heart shape into Pink Ribbon.  As this is my last Pink Ribbon Mani. I would like to share a song with you all. Save You From Simple Plan. The lead singer of Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier, wrote this song for his brother Jay who survived cancer. So I would like to delicate this song for all the FIGHTERS and SURVIVORS out there :') I hope you enjoy today's Post. Let me know on the comment …

The Haunted House

Hello Everyone (: Happy Tuesday.
Let me just show you the pic today and let it speak for Itself ;) Colors used are Camieo Purple Charm Limit Black, Something called "Color Cosmetic White" [I brought new white polish yay \o/] CR #08 Orange.
I used toothpick to draw haunted house and rest of the design are made from nail polish brush itself.This is something new I learned while making this Mani. I find it quite easy to make those dead tress from bottle brush itself. My favorite design has to be of middle finger.Comment below and let me know which one is yours favorite (:
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Pumpkin Decoration

Hello Everyone!!! Happy weekend
I am just gonna relax this weekend soak some sun and get burned haha :D I am excited to share today's Post. I had this cute design on my head and I imprint them on my nails yesterday. Though the design didn't look quite good as I thought. Anyway let me share it with you all. The colors that I Used are Charm Limit Black and White, Bloom Coral Orange and  Fluoro Green.[Swashes are coming for this bloom polishes.]
The Idea was very simple. Just to make lots of small pumpkin all over my nails. But I messed up and it didn't turn out that beautiful like I imagined. The white nail polish thickened and it took forever to dry. As I started to make the design with toothpick the polishes kind of started to float on the base color and the leaves of my pumpkin spread more then needed. I find this idea really cute. I hope you like today's Mani. Let me know on the comment below (:  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Google Plus

Frankenstein Mani

Hello Hello Everyone?!? Got sunshine after three long days of rainfall :') I feel energized. Because of frequent rainfall our telephone network went down So I didn't had internet connection that why I couldn't reply back to your comment. Ugh!! I hate when things goes out of control. Well anyway everything seems back to be normal. As for today post I have a famous mad scientist creation THE FRANKENSTEIN!! I always wanted to this mani. I did it last year to on my kiddo nails but wasn't satisfied. This time I am happy with how it turn out. let me show you pic. Whatcha think? Colors that I used are Pure Ice Free Spirit, Charm limit Black and White with Mode Love Top Coat.
This is year all my Halloween Mani are turning out cute rather then scary.Mr Frankenstein looks adorable to hehe :D This mani is really easy to make. I made everything with toothpick and stripers. Don't need to much of technique and is suitable for beginners. I hope you like today post. Let me know on…

United In Pink

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all?!? The weather changed here. I was having good summer then it stated to rain suddenly. The temperature drop and its cold gloomy outside. I feel quite sick *achoo* Today I have another pink ribbon nail to share with. I decided to post one pink ribbon mani in a week on the month of October.Let me show you the pic! Whatcha think?!? Colors that I used are ChramLimit White and Black and Sonata Pink.
I got inspired by a graphics image that I found on Google. I don't think I need to say anything. The pic speak for itself.  I love this Mani. It totally reflect what pink ribbon is all about. I didn't try to make it perfect and left some randomness. I find it fun this way.I hope you like today Mani's Let me know on the comment below (: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Google Plus 

Spiders And Web

Hello Everyone!!! How is weekend going?!? I catch up with a Korean drama called "Love Rain". I don't understand Korean language but watching with English subtitle is always fun.  I have another Halloween-y Mani to share today. Spiders and Web. I am scared of spiders but making them on my nails seems to be no harm. I feel Halloween incomplete if I didn't paint my nails with spiders at least once. And I realized I did better design then  last year.I am improving. Let me show you pic (: Whatcha think?!? The colors that I used are Cairuo CR #08 Orange and Charm limit Black with Mode Love Top Coat.
I have used striper as well as toothpick for this design. I made it freehand It took lot of time to give the shape of the spiders. I repainted  almost 5 times and then finally settle with the shape. I am happy with how it turn out. I made web on middle finger. I was thinking of making web on all the fingers but drop the idea as it was tedious to draw it with toothpick. I hope …

Zombie Zombie!!

Hello Everyone?!?
Finally Friday :D Yesterday I had an amazing shopping day and  I splurge on few Nail Polishes. I will do the swatches and review soon. After Mummy nails I wanted to have some Zombie. I need some inspiration. I searched Google and found out this really adorable nail art. Sadly I couldn't find any watermark on the image. So I cant link back to its original creator. But I loved it so much I had to create that Mani.So here it is. Let me show you the pic!!! Freaking Adorable right?!? I thought so. Its so cute though its look sad.The color I used are Pure Ice Green, Charm Limit Black and White. Pure Ice that a new brand for me. It is gifted to my sister by her friend. As my sissy don't use polishes she allow me to use it. Its the best green color I owe. What should I say ?!? Its just TOO cute hehe :P Beside the ring finger all the rest of the fingers are french manicured and made a stitch design by black. For zombie two big drops of white for eyes and then outline…

Mummy On My Nails

Hello Everyone!! Happy Hump day :D
How is your week going?!? I am catching up with some movie :D Today I have my very first Halloween-y Mani to share. Actually second- I made spider and web mani but I saw few of same kind mani were posted already so I will be posting that a week later. So I just made  MUMMY on my nails :') next will probably be ZOMBIE :D Let me show the pic!!! I think it turn out cute rather scary no?!? The colors that I used are Charm Limit Black and White with Mode Love Top Coat
I am sorry for poor images. My device is kinda messed up again \: This looked so ALIVE and Fun on person. The camera totally took life out of it.Oops its mummy they are already Died :P Any way this Mani is easy to make. It took few minutes to make it. The only hard part was to wait for colors to dry ;)  hope you like today's design. Let me know on the comment below (: I will try to post more frequently.Our main festival started so will be Kinda busy (: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest |…

Pink Ribbon

Hello Everyone!!! How is your weekend going? I am kinda back for my break. I wanted to take more because I realized even though my fingers seems to be healing but it start to go damaged  asap after I touch remover. I hope its just for short run. Else it will be troublesome to touch remover all the time -.-" Well anyway as you might know The Month October is painted Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness. And I always feel proud to contribute anything I could. So today  I am here with Pink Ribbon Nail art. Now if you thinking how that a contribution then Well Every Little Step Count - isn't it?. I am passing to my lovely readers and few more people will know about it (: Let me show you the pic!!
The colors that I used are HG Rouge Pink [the one I create myself for fashion inspired nail in 31DC2013] Charm Limit White and Sonata Pink. I thought I don't have any pink polishes on my collection but luckily I found one. Its been more then year since I brought this pink polish b…

New Outlet :D Just for fun!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
If you are reading this then you must have already seen my new outlet for the blog :D As October is month of Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween. I decided to change the look of my blog for whole month. Then I will be back with my real outlet again. I just like to messing up with blog for some change ;) You know - Halloween-y feeling :D

The whole Concept for outlet is mine. As I am proud Photoshop addict. I mess up with the Images I found on Google and create the theme  I am happy with how it turn out :') I will be back with some Mani soon. Just need a little break My fingers are healing and my nails need to some fresh air ;) Let me know what do you think about this new outlet :D
See you...
[Disclaimer: non of the picture used in outlet is mine. Found in Google. I just Matt Painted in Photoshop]
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Liebster award :D

Hello Everyone!!!
I was nominated for Liebster Award by The Lacquered Stash On 28 September. As I was involved in 31DC2013 I couldn't post it on my blog the very day. But I am glad to post it now (: I would like to  ThanksThe Lacquered Stash for nominating me. Really appreciate it :D Liebtser Award as you might know is a way to honor, discover other bloggers and  help each other feel appreciated! The way this award work is:

When you are nominated you are meant to:
1. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 more bloggers with less than 200 followers 
4. And then write them 11 questions to answer.

So, here we go. First up my 11 random facts:
1) I am afraid of Heights.
2) I am allergic to raw garlic.
3) I dont like wearing heels. I am more of sneakers or  Flip flops Girl.
4) I wear specs
5) I love anything in black.
6) I am obsessed with finger ring. I have few nice pieces on my collection.
7) I am surely Coffee-oholic o…

31 Day Challenge 2013 Flash Back Post

Hello Everyone!!!
31DC2013 is over but I want to delicate a post to all  of my design that I created for this challenge.You can view this post on31DC2013 Pinterest Board Click any of the photos below to to know more about it. Each post contains text descriptions of techniques that I used as well as polishes in the design.