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Nail Polish Haul IV

Hello There!!!
Welcome to my another nails polish haul. I just realized this is the fourth time i ma posting about my haul's- hope to increase the number more ;)
Today shopping was unplanned. It just happened. And it was great FUN!!! It was partly cloudy when i went for shopping with kiddo(my little sister).. It start to rain so freaking bad when we were in cab. Although we had umbrella we were totally wet cuz mother nature wanted to dance with rain i guess ;) It was raining from every where north ,south  and up,down. Water was dripping from my hair when i reached my destination. One more shopping memories to remember :D As usual my mission was to get as much nail colors as I could :P I went to my favorite shopping mall and brought all the nails colors from two shops.  I was introduced to new brand "GLAMOR NAIL". All the colors from this brand are seriously to die for :') Shiny as well as Matt colors were so different, beautiful and this brand has variet…

Bubble /Pop Up Color

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my another post!! Today I have very easy nail art to share with. Beginners can do this design easily. All you need is lots of pastels / neon colors . Its fresh and good design for Spring because Neon colors are trend for this season 

So what do you think? Bubbles! Way easy but still cute. Some straight lines and dots and you can have this Mani. I did messed up a little. I wasn't patience to wait for colors to dry. You can do this design with toothpick or bobby pins. However for straight lines,  try using stripers. Hope you like this design!See Ya

Galaxy Nail Art

Hello Everyone!!
I ma excited to Share My Galaxy nail art.
I always wanted to paint my nails in this mani so keeping my  procrastination aside I decided to make an attempt at galaxy nails. I know Galaxy nails are nothing new but it has become very popular recently and looks really amazing in my opinion.This mani is unique and very personal to make.

It might not look good and perfect as expert but I ma quite satisfied with it. It may look hard to do, but it's actually quite easy and quick to make it. Sponge and some  nail colors are all you need to create this mani.  I hope you try this amazing design. Good luck !!

Pop -Up Colour Abstract

Hello Dear! Abstract and Color Block thats what came in my mind when i painted my nail. This is really cool way to get your nails done. Its like modern art made in your nails. This nail is also known as "ultra modern". Colorful manicures are making a comeback in Spring season!

This Look more beautiful in person. Colors were more vibrant and cheerful! This Mani have endless design. With  the help of striper I drew some straight lines to create blocks and then fill them with different nails colors This Mani easily catch attention. Send me pic if you try it at home. See you next time !

Matte Nail polish

Hello There
Matte Polish - No - luster polish, While Matte Nails are the big trend for Fall. With all the matte nail polish collections coming out, it will be a hard style to ignore.