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Diffrent shapes And Colors Nail art

Hello Everyone
Ever wondered how people get perfectly geometric nail art without a trip to the salon, well it is because of something as simple as cut-up Scotch tape. With the execution of scotch up you can make some striking designs.

By simply using a  scotch tape I made different shape nail art. You can use any colors you want and make random yet cool shapes on your nails. You can even use the color of your dress that you are wearing and make shapes - a Little matching things again. I never thought "Geometric" shapes could be this much FUN! This nail art  is easy to do but needs more patience as you have to wait to let every color dry. I ma not quite patience so my went a little messy -.-" never mind. If you try this technique in home then do share a pic with me.

Cat Nail Art

Hi Everyone!
Today I have very adorable nail art featuring a kitten and paw prints. I know that the love for cute animals is irrational  until you are not very fond of them. Right now I am oh so much addicted with animal print. So buckle up! there is many more to come.

 I hope you got some inspiration from this mani. It does look complicated but its not. I made this Mani with just a toothpick and with so much of patience. I absolutely loved  the final outcome. This nail art has to be the most cutest design i ever painted.
See you next time!

Pattern Nail Art

Hi Everyone This Nail art is inspired by the T-shirt I am wearing ATM. Its a quick post about pattern nail art in others words. You can paint different designs and pattern according to your dress. Its cool to have prefect matching nails for your dress sometimes no? 

I think the design came out pretty beautiful and little mix match is fun. I have used scotch tape to create straight diagonal lines. I am so loving my nails right now. I hope this mani gives you some idea about how to create fresh design with looking at things around you. Everything thing has got pattern, all you need to do is look around and hand print it in your nails ;)