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Striper Nail Art

Hello Everyone!! Recently I was introduced with the Nail Stripers. It was gifted by my Sister. So I decided to make nail art with it and Arghh i ma totally mess at it. I find it easy to work with toothpicks than stripers but I am trying so hard to work with it Phew!! 

Doesn't it look awesome. I am sure you can get some idea for a new nail art design although my mani  looks a disaster . Hope to improve my nail art using stripers. If you have any idea please do share !

Musical Note Nail Art

Hello Everyone
Today's  mani is dedicated to all those wonderful people who enjoy, play and create music! 
 "Life without music is mistake" A truly said quote. This simple black and white musical note design looks absolutely stunning and melodious and is easy to create.
As I did this mani with tooth pick ,the lines are not perfectly straight but i ma happy with it. Musical notes can be created in so many different ways but I chose very simple and easy one! what do you think?
Let me know! see you!

Twitter Nail Art

Hello Everyone
Tweet tweet!! Who doesn't Know About Twitter? That little Bird is everyone's favorite. Yeap and I am crazy about it. I Love tweeting :') I am so addicted to twitter. So I ended up making its nail art and I think it looks quite impressive. What do you think?

Dont judge me guys ,I know you people must be addicted to some networking sites and there is no harm in showing your love for them right? ;)
I have made a cute twitter bird which seems to be singing its heart out loud. I loved it. I hope this Mani gives you some idea and inspires you to show some love for your favorite sites.
Do share a pic with me if you try it. I would love to see!!

Different Color Stripes Nail Art

Hello Everyone
 Today manicure is very easy and simple. This design is about what can you do when you have bunch of nail colors but you are out of idea(just saying)!

 You wont be needing any tools Just some crazy amount of polish and start striping one polish at a time.
This is again a great way to manicure yourself if you are beginners. This manicure can have several look. If you play with colors then it can go from bold, Emo to Chic and Elegance!
I would love see your Recreation so do share me some pics.