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Easy Cloud Nail Art

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday I made a fun clouds nail design. I thought of making something easy and quick design because last two nail art I did was pretty tedious. And honestly nail art doesn’t have to be difficult to Stand Out!

 I used Camieo Power Lasting 6 Light purple, Glamor nail 49 blackand Glamor nail 60 for shiny light brown polish. I loved it how it turned out.  I had to give two coat of purple and brown nail color to give smooth look. I always choose to stand out my ring finger so did a little different cloud mani. I think today Mani is cute and chic and eye catching. See you next time!

Simple Flower Nail Art

Hi Everyone
 I have very simple Manicure to share today - Flower Nail Art. This nail art is simple, easy and suitable for beginners. It is close to my heart because this is first ever nail art I learnt myself and  loved it so much that I used to do this design all the time. I wear this mani for like 6 months and got lots of compliment. Its is suitable for all occasion. Flower print mani are Elegance and Chic.

 I used a toothpick to create this simple flower and it turned out really pretty. You can use Dotting tool or bobby pins. All you will be needing to create this look is colors of your choice.  I have made white flowers in purple base colors. See you next time!

Iron Man Nail Art

Hello Everyone!!!
Say hello to Iron man - The guy who occasional beats the bad guys and save the world.. Yes!!! you guessed it right. today I am here to share Iron Man manicure with touch of comic.Recently I watched Iron Man 3 and  loved it so much that i ended up making manicure for it. I LOVE  Tony Stark ,wish I could paint him too but never mind I am happy with my suit for now. I feel pretty powerful. YAY.!!

 Honestly speaking, making Iron Man suit with all small details got  my nerves !! Wondering how Tony Stark manage to create all of his boys *facepalm* The comic Mani came up really well and it took a matter of second to get it right. But Seriously I kept trying and trying to get hold of that suit from Tuesday (1 to 2 hrs) but couldn't. And the sad part is " I FINISHED HALF OF MY NAIL POLISH REMOVER" but still couldn't get satisfied with how the suit look. So I QUIT. After all how long can a person have a endurance?? But on Wednesday  morning - Patience was my…

Smiley's /Emotions Nail Art

Welcome Everyone!
Without smileys and emotions life would be dull and boring. Its a way of expressing your feelings in a silent manner. So, to add a little fun, this time I let my nails speak for themselves. This nail design has an entirely fun, naughty, funky and cute look. It  can be made to any extent, it has endless option. The choices are all yours.

The smiley stickers introduced me to do this manicure. I have used both tooth picks and stripers to create this design -stripers are highly preferable as it helps to draw thin and clean lines than that from toothpick.

Doesn't it looks like my nails are expressing themselves eh? See You Next time!

Puppy/ Dog Nail Art

Welcome Everyone
I got really cute nail art to share with. I painted a cute puppy with lots of bones.I made this whole design by simply using a toothpick and trust me! its really tedious to paint all small details with it. I ma not trying to say its impossible to manicure nails catching small details through toothpick but i ma not experience enough! However, it requires a lot patience.

First time I tried to make the puppy, it totally went out of shape. But with little more of mustered patience, I finally got it. And the best part is, it amusingly took only 10 minutes.The final outcome was very appreciative although it went kinda mess.

  I ma very satisfied with the manicure.
See you next time!

30 Seconds To Mars Nail Art (LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS) Inspired

Hi Everyone
Welcome!! Some people  loves certain band/artist  that they end up making a separate manicure for them. I Love  Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars so much that I decided to upload a picture of my very own 30 Seconds to Mars-inspired manicure.

 30STM recently launch their new album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and release new song "Up In The Air". I got inspired with their album cover, zebra they used in their song video and 30 STM logo known as the "Triad". What do you think? See you next time!