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Santa Down The Chimney

Hello Everyone!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS :D I hope you all have fun and safe Christmas.
I wanted to post this Mani on Christmas Eve but had busy schedule. So decided to post today. I am enjoying the day so far. I went shopping with my kiddo (little sister) and we just baked a cake ;) So I  made this a quick post before I burn it :P   Colors used are Lakme True Wear 18,Bloom Red,Charm Limit Black and Color Cosmetic White.
I wanted something classic on my nails for Chritsmas And I coulnt find any more Classic but this design, its fun, cute and festive. I hope you like this design let me know on the comment below.  I will see your next time!
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Christmas Garland

Hello There!!
Just two before Christmas so I am here to share another festive Mani. I am just gonna make this s quick post so let jump into the pics!
 Colors Used are Street Wear Glazed Green 19,Bloom Floral Green, Bloom Red and Max Glitter Yellow.  I choose to stay with french Mani. I wanted to do fill my accent nails with garland but I drop the idea because the final product didn't satisfied me. It looked kind weird. I made the garland with toothpick. Lots of tiny dots in circular way. It was time conmusing but I am happy how it looked and pleased! Let me know what you think about this Mani. Comment below!!!

Abstract Snowman

Hello Everyone!!! Nothing Screams out loud "Its Christmas time" than a Cute Snowman. Oh yeah I am back with one more abstract design and this time its a snowman and some snows. I just couldn't let December pass away without a snowman mani. Can we?!? And I wanted to try something new on my nails. So I searched the Google to get some inspiration and found some awesome abstract design.I mix two or three images in one and made this design on my nails. Let Jump in to pic right away.  Colors use are Street Wear Aqua Blue 19 [base color] NYC Empire State Blue [French snow design] VOV Dark Blue [Snowman]and Cosmetic Color Pink 7. Whatcha think?!?Do you like my abstract Snowman?!?Its look more like blue Christmas than white one:D Its freehand. Made from my trustee toothpick and striper. Comment below and let me know what you think (:   Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google Plus | Tumblr

Snow Flakes - Christmas Mani

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Sunday :D There is thick blanket of fog outside my window but my folks said real winter is yet to come. I am like WHAT?!? it cant go colder that this. NO!!! Tell me you are enjoying the sun Please. May be I can use some warm hugs :D Today I bring yet another Christmas Mani - Snowflakes. I am so gotten  into Christmas Spirit although I don't celebrate it but nothing can stop me from painting my nails on holiday theme. Let jump into images Shall we?!? Colors used are NYC Empire State Blue and Charm Limit black The original idea was to make snowflakes from white or sliver but unlucky I am out of both polish. That Reminds me I am in urgent need to of nail polish shopping.  The snowflakes are made from Little bit of striper and toothpick. It was quite difficult to give it a detail but I think I manged it somehow. Comment below and let me know what you think about today mani's. Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google Plus | Tumblr

Gifts For Everyone!

Hello Everyone!!!
Its so cold here. Chills goes down thru my veins making me shiver. I kinda hate winter suddenly  \: But I love my hoody. I have A "THING" for Hood-ies O:)
I took a little break for my nails. The Bloom Polish kinda left yellow stains on my nails. I wanted my nails to breathe some fresh air. Well anyway I Painted my nails with Christmas theme again and I have Gifts Mani to present you. I know its not something new but I always wanted to give it a try. Let jump into the pic! Colors used are Street Wear Glazed Green 19, Pure Ice Free Spirit and Charm Limit Black. I love the color combo. The shiny base glazed green does make it look like some kinda wrapper. This Mani is easy to do. Just some straight lines and bows and wont take much time. I love it how it turned out. Hope you like them too. Let me know on the comment below. Its is quite late so I will be replying your comment and checking your blog very soon! Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google Plus | Tumblr…

Abstract Deer With french Needle Dragging

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Sunday
I just watched Frozen movie. I so adore it. It perfect Disney Movie- Happy Ever After. Did you watched it?!? I think I will make a nail art for it pretty soon *Grins* I have been saving today Mani for a guest post actually but I never received any response from the fellow blogger so I decided to post it finally.As I received quite a good response for my Abstract Tree Mani. I decided to do couple more abstract design.So today I have Abstract Deer to share. Let me show you the pic! My French Mani look so mess. Well actually I didn't realized it was a mess until I click some pic. Below are  some better pics. This is how I freehand my Mani's. I practice design on a piece of paper until I am satisfied with final product. Once I am satisfied it is quite easy to make it on my nails.  Colors used are Pure Ice Free Spirit, Bloom Red and Charm Limit Black. I free-handed the deer with Toothpick and Striper on my accent nails. And for rest of the fingers I f…

Christmas Decoration - Holly Flower And Lights

Hello Everyone!!! TGIF!!
I am so sad to learn about death of Nelson Mandela. He is Inspiration for many of us. A sad day when we say goodbye to a great man who stood for honesty, unity, peace and equality. Rest In Peace Sir - to the man who changed the world with his wisdom. You Will Be Missed!!!!
Well back to the topic I created some Christmas decoration design - Holly Flower and Lights. Lets just jump on pictures. I don't have much to say about it. I just feel sad  hmm ......  Colors used are  MLM Beauty 2 [Base Color] Bloom A fluoro Green,Bloom Red,VOV  Yellow 49, NYC Empire State Blue 140,Charm Limit Black And White.
 Design are free handed . I used toothpick as usual. I hope you like today mani. Let me know on the comment below. Have a great weekend ya'll.   Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google Plus | Tumblr

Blogger Friendship Award!

Hello Hello!!!
BAM!! Another Award post :D I was planning to post my next nail art but my PC is kinda running slow and its impossible to work on photoshop  to watermark my photos. SIGH!!! Let me fix the problem and I will be back to nail art to soon. So anyway I just found out I been nominated for Blogger Friendship Award by Sweet Marisa from Hey Darling Polish.  You should definitely check her blog out. 
So as I understood I am suppose to tell 7 things about me and present this award to 7 fellow bloggers.
Here I  Go!!!
1) I am accident prone. I have tendency of hurting myself even when I am careful *Imagine That*
2) I love clicking random photos so that I can cherish them later.
3) I hate change, unless I am pretty sure the results will be good.
4) I am a complete procrastinator.
5) I lead a secret life as a HellGal. Now you know why my blog name is HG. {Its not secret anymore well whatever!!} You can follow me here ;)
6) I am really bad with directions. That why I don't like traveling…

Abstract Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone!!! Happy December. Holidays season ...  YAY \O/
Christmas around the corner so yeah I will be posting random Christmas nail art all month. My First Christmas Nail Art of 2013 - Let me start with Christmas tree. Recently I saw Needle Dragging Christmas Tree on Gelic Blog's. And I was awe-struck by the idea. I wanted to come up with something similar but my needle dragging was BIG FAIL. So I ended up with Abstract Tree instead. Here is what I am talking about. This is my abstract tree. I make lots of abstract stuff on Photoshop. So thought why not try  it on my nails. And here is what I came up with.. It was little difficult make swirls through Striper but I think it did went well. I used toothpick for dots. I am not satisfied with stars but then again its abstract stars :P Colors used are Cairuo CR#20 Green Tea,Cosmetic Color Pink 7 [I dont owe much red polishes] and some "nameless" Glitter Green. I made some changes for my blog Layout especial for Christmas :…

The Girl with the Dragon Nail Art

Hello Everyone. Happy weekend!!! Today Mani was inspired by book. Lately I have been reading lots of novels. I kinda got habit of reading books before I go for sleep. So yeah in last two months I almost read half a dozen book. And one of them is THE GIRL WITH DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg Larsson. Famously also called the Millennium series. The one character that hooked me up with this book has to be Lisbeth Salander . She is a world class computer hacker. What inspired me to do this Mani is Salander has nine tattoo and one of them is Dragon. As I am so into this character - Lisbeth Salander is hands down the most intriguing and complex character I have ever read. So I decided to make a dragon on my nails just to kinda dedicate it to book. Let me show you the pic!! But making dragon freehanded-ly is complex. I have been trying to make this Mani for last two weeks but I didn't have satisfied result. I wanted to make the same dragon that Salander has but it was almost impossible for me. …

Say NO To Bullying!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I been kind of MIA at the moment lately. Sometimes life just gets over me, you know *Sigh*. But I am trying hard to response your lovely comments [Thank you for that] and check out yours blog. Today I have nail art with purpose. As you might know November is ANTI-BULLYING MONTH!!!! And the color PURPLE represents it. I knew about going purple on November but I havent given much thought about any specific nail art for it. But recently when I visit  Marianne blog [NailpolishSleuth] I just knew I had to paint my nails with purple for this purpose. Marianne has done an awesome job with anti bullying week nails. And I was so inspired by her and decided to raise my voice against bullying through my design. You can see her design here. I wanted  something authentic design to make clear about my purpose behind this nail art. So as always I turn to Dear Google and search "Anti Bullying logo". And BAM!!!! I got exactly what I Wanted. Let me show you the pic!  Colors …

Fallen Leaves - Fall Nails

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Sunday. 
How is weekend treating you? Hope all is better. I been sick lately. Cold weather often does that to me.Well anyway here is another quick post and I have another Fall nails with. Umm I should be sharing More Winter Nails Errr Never Mind!
 Colors used are Glamor Nail Color 60 [ Its a shiny brownish color] with Max Black.
Whatcha think?!?  I used striper as well as toothpick for the leaves. I filled my accent nails with leaves and french manicured rest of the nails. I hope you like this mani. Let me know on the comment below!
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Suit And Tie!!!

Hello Everyone !!!! Happy Tuesday
This is gonna be very quick post. I have another Movember nail art to share today. I am trying to post one mustache nail in a week  at least as I like painting my nails with theme and may be I will catch with some falls nails to. Let me show you what I have for you today. Whatcha think? I was planning to do just mustache but I find it kinda boring so added Suit and Tie on accent nails. And no it looks like Gentle Man nails ;)
Let me know what you think about this design. I will see you soon.  Until then...
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A Walk To Remember

Hello Everyone!! Happy weekend!
What your plan for weekend?!? Its getting cold day by day. I am gonna stay inside blankie all day sipping coffee.I have something very fun and cute to share today. I didn't plan for this Mani. I was  inspired in a second and I knew I had to made it. Let me show you the pic.  Color I used are Cairuo CR#15 Orange and Charm Limit black. Footstep Mani!! Cool right?!? I wasn't planning to paint my nails today. I was cleaning my nails when I happen to see my slippers. Its funny but I got inspired by my slippers for this mani *silly smile*.So I just went like "Hey this could be pretty awesome nail design" So I took out my nails colors and start painting. It turn out adorable. I used the same colors as of my slippers Yellow and Black. I am quite pleased with this design. Sometimes it crazy what inspire me :D I hope you like this Mani. Let me know on the comment below (: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Google Plus

Versatile Blogger Award!!

Hello Everyone.
Woot woot!! I was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award by lovely Marisa from HeyDarlingPolish on 20th October. I feel honored Thank you so much Marisa. I appreciate it a lot .
The Rules:
Thank the person who nominated you.
Include a link to their blog.
Select 15 new blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and let them know they've been nominated.
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Now the hardest part (atleast for me) 7 Things About Me. 1) I am kind of a lucid dreamer. Mostly I know I am dreaming and especially in nightmares, I shake my head repeatedly in my dream to wake myself up.
2) I rarely start up a conversation in person, through chat, tweet or  whatever. I just don’t. If you talk to me,  I talk to you. It is not going to be the other way around unless I really need to ask you something. 3) I am a song killer. If I like a so…

Charlie Chaplin Mustache

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Weekend :D
Today I have my very first Mustache nailart to share with. As November is famously painted with Mustaches. I couldn't resit either. However as I already painted my nails last year with all the mustache design I ever dream of. I was kind of out of idea.So as always I turn to my dear friend Google and search for some inspiration  and it showed me tons of  images. Most of images were similar to what I already made But Google never disappoint right? So yeah One pic Caught my attention. Let me show you my version of the pic.  Charlie Chaplin Mustache. Freakin Awesome right?!? I was like mind blown when I first saw the pic. Sadly there was no water mark. I was awestruck with the idea and I know I had to give it a try. First I thought It wont be humanly possible for me to re-create it. It looks simple but it bloody hard to portrait Mr.Chaplin on your nails. I thought of giving my best And I am proud of Final result.Everything is made from my trutsee toot…