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Pink Ribbon | BCA Manicure Ft. Beauty Big Bang | Review

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Weekend to y'all. Any Plans?  Today I am gonna review two products from BeautyBigBang  and will continue to review few more in coming weeks. Because of the festival around here I actually received this parcel very late so I have few reviews piled up. Today I am gonna talk about 12 pcs Nailart Brushes  and Nail Sponges. The nail brushes came in simple plastic bag which make it easy for storage. There are 12 in total and in different color. The brush is perfect for the small details. This one is pretty thin than that I have used before. It becomes even thinner when it’s wet. Their brush tips are the perfect length for me to do freehand. I am extremely picky when it comes to my brushes and this one ended up being pretty good for my needs. Next product is nail sponge. They came in plastic bag  with 8 sponges in total. They are very soft and smooth. This is just a great tool to make your nails look so good. It is amazing. I love how the colors   blend together n…

Halloween Nail art ft. Born Pretty Stamping Plate | Review

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I am going to share my last review from Born Pretty Store. You can see my rest of review herehere and here. We are going to talk about two stamping plates.

The First stamping plate is Animal Theme BP-L025 and the second stamping plate is Lovely Cartton theme BP-162. The plate came with cardboard sleeves for easy storage and protection. It has standard blue plastic which must be removed prior to use. BP-L025 features 7 full length animal design and 18 individual images which can be used to create in accent nail. Whereas BP-162 features several cartoonish bunny images. I had no problems with picking up the image.All the images are etched nicely.
 As Halloween is around the corner I decided to create Halloween theme nails for both stamping plate.
So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. If you interested in this stamping plateAnimal Theme BP-L025 and  Lovely Cartton theme BP-162 you can buy it forfor $2.59 and $1.59 which you can find in Born Pretty …

Silver Chrome Powder | BPS Review

Hello Everyone !!! 
I haven't been posting much lately as I am not feeling well. I am having problem with my knee so I am not allowed to bend it which makes it impossible to use my desktop. And it pains to keep laptop on my lap for long hours. Nothing serious I just cramped some muscle on the knee. I am doing some exercise to heal them.
 So back to today's post, I am gonna review of something I was very exited to try. That is 2Pcs/setShinning Mirror Nail Glitter Powder & 5ml Top Coat Nail Art Chrome Pigment Glitters and I'll be showing you the silver powder. You have a option for Gold powder to.

The Glitter came in a zipper bag along with a  applicator and 5ml soak off Gel Polish. The top coat has very unusual smell- something like burnt rubber. The powder comes in a little pot and holds roughly 1 gram of powder.As I dont use gel polishes I was hesitant on how it will work. But I am glad I try these product because the end result in amazing.  For this mirror nails I st…

Flakies | Born Pretty Store Review

Hello Everyone!!!
Continuing with my BPS review, today I am gonna share my views on two different types of flakies.
The first product is Silver flakies (#39745). It came on plastic zipper bag along with a eye shadow kind of brush. The  flakies come in a small jar containing 0.2 grams. The BPS website recommends to use it on Gel polish but I tried it on regular polishes. The silver flakies is easy to use. First I applied  a black polish and while its was still wet I placed the flakies using the applicator. The flakies gave very mirror /metallic effect.  I love these silver flakies. Its beautiful and elegant. At first I was somewhat hesitant since most of these types of products are for use with gel polishes, and I don’t do gel yet. But I had no trouble using this product with my regular polishes. Second product is Chameleon Flakies (#39996). I have used similar product before. You can see it here. These flakies is cut into ultrafine stripe than that I used before. Like above product i…