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Jurassic World

Hello There!!! How are you all ?!? Me, well  I sprained my leg. I kind of fall from bed and hurt it. What can I say I am accident prone. It wouldnt be wrong to say pain killer is my very best friend these days. On the brighter side my little sister exam got over today *HURRAY*. So on the happy day I decided to paint on her nails ;) Few days back I watched Jurassic World, and had been thinking of making a nailart since then. So yeah people I have a movie inspired nailart for you all. I love the movie the story line is quite predictable but still it will keep you occupied till the end. So here goes my manicure.

Stripes Dots And More!

Hello Everyone!!! Its been long since I last posted, busy making life back to normal. The aftershocks are very less compared to what we had in last few weeks. It doesnt occur for more than 48 hours and then boom it hit us suddenly obviously scaring the shit outta us. We had three after shocks back to back yesterday morning in less than 30 minutes. Whenever I feel like its over finally ground start shaking.Beside shaking and running and getting scared time to time life is pretty much normal.  My kiddo (Little Sister ) is busy with her exams so I am not able to do many nailart. Good thing is my nails are getting better. I wont be painting them for two weeks tops and  than I will be back with more nailart hopefully. Taking time off from her busy schedule kiddo let me do a simple manicure on her nails.

Quilted Dotticure Manicure

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all ?!? So, Life here is gradually going back to nornal. We didnt have any big aftershock lately (Thanks Heaven *sigh*) but still small aftershocks are still happening again and again.Sometimes it goes un notice sometimes it gives me heart attack. To refresh my mind and to get some R&R I decided to do a manicure. Its very simple easy and quick to make. Its a  Quilted Dotticure Manicure. Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection. Everything is made from my trustee toothpick.