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Comic Strip Nail art

Hi Everyone Today's mani  is the other version of famous newspaper nail art. I assume most of you are familiar with it. I applied the same technique as in the  newspaper nail art but Comic strip  are more fun, looks creative and adds lots more color in your nails. 
This mani  is perfect for someone who just started doing nail art because it doesnt require much of  the technique. Comic strip nail art are easy to do. You dont  need variety  of nail colors, just one base color and perfume can do the trick and no need to buy any additional products.  Let me know what you think. Leave a comment if you want me to make tutorial of it.

Bumble Bee Nail Art

Hi Everyone How are you all? Whats that buzz around?  I'm excited to share cute and happy nail design - Bumble BEE. Inspired by Winne the pooh ;) This design is simple but bold in other way because of the colors that I have used. Golden colors to attract the attention. I got lots of compliment on this mani and I hope you will be able impress few fellas!

As you can see this mani is very simple,there is not much going around . Random dots to show Bee moving and some stripes and bumble bee itself. I have used MAX golden color and Camieo Black and white. All the mani is done by simply using a toothpick. I hope you will give a try to this design and please do share your re-creation with me. I would love to see it!

Birthday Nail Art

Hello Everyone
Welcome! Its April, this month is special to me as I am April baby. In fact it just week left for my birthday. I am super excited! Today I am here to share a  Birthday nail art. I pampered  myself with this manicure to set the mood for my birthday. Who doesn't?  after all Birthday are always special eh. 

Today nail art features tons of balloons and a cupcake - yum!  I loved how this Mani came up. Touch of cup cake really brighten up this Mani . What do you think? I gave a cartoony effect to balloon so they don't have to be perfect and added a heart shaped cherry on top of my cup cake. If you re-create this design Please do share with . I would love to see!