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Spread The Love This New Year

Hello Everyone. Happy New Year Eve. 2015 for me was very unbelievable year. We had 7.8 Richter scale earthquake which  was devastating and people are still suffering from it. And with this ongoing economical blockade life is still a struggle. But on personal label its been wonderful. Me and my Family were safe and survived through the earthquake. I had a amazing time with my work. On the other hand I suffered from fungal infection and couldn't paint my nails for more than six months. But good thing is it healed. So all in all it was a shade of grey. Lots of black with few dots of white ;) Lets not forget about the rest of the world. Lots of bad and horrific things happened. The world seems to be scary place to live now. So today through my nail art I wanted to spread love for coming year and many more. I found this cute images in one of the social network. I decided to turn it into my New Year Nail art. So what do you think? Are you ready to spread the some love?

Late Christmas Manicure + Review

*Product were provided to me for review. All opinions are mine and not influenced by third party. 
Hello Everyone. How was Your Christmas?!?  Remember when I said I am having a bit of electricity problem. Well I think its solved. Although they said it will take a month (May be they were talking about fixing whole city not just my area. Anyway I am happy to have it back :D). I have electricity since yesterday without any problem. So here I am with a late Christmas manicure. I have a X mas Decoration Stud Wheel from BPS Today. I would have review them earlier but you know with all the above cause I couldn't.

Black Christmas

Hello Everyone!!! How are you doing all?!?  Me and my little sister went for shopping few days back where I brought myself few nail polish.  I brought four polish from the brand called Angelacq and two from some nameless company. I never heard about this brand before but they definitely have lovely colors. I might do the swatches and review if I felt like it.  So today I have yet another Christmas manicure. To share this time, its Black snowflake. Snowflake is free handed.

Freehand Christmas Ornament And Tree.

Hello Everyone!!! How is your weekend going so far?!? I am soaking sun while I can. We barely have sun these days :\ I finished reading "The Girl In The Spider's Web". The book is fantastic. Not as awesome as the first three books but still. We had book exhibition few days back, and Me and my sisters did tons of book shopping. We brought Seven books. I cant wait to read them all. That is pretty much my life right now :D December is here that bring lots of Christmas manicure. So I am here to share my first  manicure for this year. I made a very simple Christmas ornaments and tree. Everything is freehand. I used Acrylic paint as well as nail polish to create this nailart.