Needle Marble Nail Art

by - March 22, 2013

Hello Everyone
I am here to share Needle Marble Nail Art . Easy and Alternative way for Water Marble Honestly  I never learnt this technique very well - either the water temperature wont get right or the nail polish wont spread. I know how it feels when you sit to make beautiful water marble and it turns into horrible disaster.But today I have an alternative solution of this technique and it wont disappoint you.You don't need water at all. Just a Needle or Toothpick.

This is an easier option for you, like me, who think water marbling is difficult and messy. I'm very pleased how this mani turned out. Apply a base color, drop a little amount of others colors (apart from your base color) swirl the needle to create design. Do one nail at a time, don't let the colors dry. Play around and see what kind of shapes you can make!
I would love to see your re-creation

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