Quilted Dotticure Manicure

by - June 01, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all ?!? So, Life here is gradually going back to nornal. We didnt have any big aftershock lately (Thanks Heaven *sigh*) but still small aftershocks are still happening again and again.Sometimes it goes un notice sometimes it gives me heart attack.
To refresh my mind and to get some R&R I decided to do a manicure. Its very simple easy and quick to make. Its a  Quilted Dotticure Manicure. Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection. Everything is made from my trustee toothpick.
I hope you like today's post. Thank you for visiting. I will see you soon.
Until then...

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  1. I'm guessing it will take very long time before all is back to normal, but I'm happy for you that it seems to be "quiet" now...
    I love this mani, it's really pretty and fun!

  2. So good these earthquakes aren't so much dangerous as they were! Well done mani!

  3. Very pretty, but I also like the clean symmetry of the black dots on the orange, nice and precisely spaced

  4. Glad to hear you are doing okay :-)

    This is pretty mani, I really like it :-D

  5. I am glad that everything is OK there! As about your mani, it turned out pretty good. Love the orange and black combination a lot!

  6. Gorgeous work and I'm happy to hear that things are moving to the good direction. <3

  7. I'm glad to hear you're still okay and that things are getting quiter... I really like your dotty designs!

  8. lovely manicure :D
    hope everything will be back to normal in no time :D


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