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by - July 27, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
Few weeks ago I was contacted by Maggie from BeautyBigBang company offering me the opportunity to review their products. I have learned about them through several blogger. So I am excited to have this opportunity. If you aren't aware, BeautyBigBang is a China based company  and  is a global online retailer for all things beauty, including cosmetics, nails, hair, health care and so on. They provide a wide range of trendy and high quality beauty collections at best price along with professional service to our worldwide community of customers. I was offered to pick my own products from their range. I picked few water decals, luminous powder and beads.So you will be seeing reviews on them on coming weeks. 
The first product that I am gonna review today is Steel Beads Nail Studs wheel which you can find under ID no SKU:J1485. The Stud came in standard wheel sets. They varies on color and sizes.The Stud size is approx. 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm and is available in silver gold and copper color. The stud are very light weighted. 
There are so many ways to get creative with these beads. You can of course cover every single nail with the nail stud or go for an accent nail. You can also use them as singular stud and create a stunning  polka dot look or scatter them across the nails or  mix different colors together.
I am very impressed with this stud. One of the reason is its very light weighted and didn't fall  apart even when I hadn't apply a top coat and how they create such a different look on nails. Its very easy to apply. You simply paint your nails and while they are still wet, pour or place the studs on the the nails and lightly press down. 
So what do you think about these studs? Have you tried them before? Please comment below and let me. If you are interested in steel beads you can buy them here for $2.98. You can use my 10% site wide coupon code ROSY10 for all items on the site .BeautyBigBang offers free shipping worldwide.You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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  1. This looks like such a nice nail art wheel! I don't have one especially for beads. I love that nail art you created with them :)

  2. It looks very nice and I like this colour combo :)

  3. It looks very nice and I like this colour combo :)

  4. Hi sweetie! These studs are so pretty!! Smuackkkk

  5. They look very nice, but I always fight with application of such small studs ;-)

  6. These are really cute! I love the size of those beads- I can definitely see how you could use them a lot of different ways!

  7. What a great looking manicure you created :)


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