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by - August 17, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
Continuing with my BPS review, today I am going to share my views on two of the products that was send to me. The products are Flower Skull Stamping plate and Skull Charm. As you might know I am sucker for anything skull, I couldn't help but try these product.
The plate came with cardboard sleeves for easy storage and protection. It has standard blue plastic which must be removed prior to use. BP-146 features 4 full length skull design and 4 individual images which can be used to create in accent nail. I had no problems with picking up the image.All the images are etched nicely. It has various skull pattern from flower skull to cute heart skull designs. I am in love with this plate.
The Charm came in zipper bag. The bag contain 10 skull charm which is made of alloy and rhinestone. The charm is about 1 cm long. It stayed in placed with just top coat. Though it is little heavy for long wear  which I found uncomfortable. I would wear this skull charm for special occasion or for girls night out. Daily use is not practical. I wish the charm came in plastic pot than the storage would have been easy.Few of rhinestone were already displaced when I opened the zipper bag.
I used NHC Grey Polish (M10)  as base color then I stamped the skull pattern using Cairuo Blueberry 18. Later I placed the skull charm on ring finger. So what do you think of this manicure and these lovely products? Let me know on the comment below.
If you interested in this  Flower Skull Stamping Plate and Skull Charm for $1.59 and $2.99 which you can find in Born Pretty Store along with lots of other nail accessories.You can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order. You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too, TwitterFacebook and Instagram.
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. The charm looks interesting and with a great effect, though I think it is kind of big. I like the mani more just with the stamped patterns on!

  2. To tell you the truth, not a particular skull fan, but the charm looks impressive :D

  3. Wow awesome nails! I am LOVING that stud, so badass! The stamping also looks really awesome with it :)

  4. That charm is so cool! Really awesome look!


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