Nail Polish Haul II

by - November 08, 2012

Hello there Lovies dovies
Who is excited about my Nail polish haul again :P Yeap got a incredible chance to shop like crazy. and as usual my mission was to get tons of nail color. But disappointing i couldn't get colors that i wanted and end up buying black, white, fast drying top coat and glitter nail polish :D Black and white colors - i cant live without them :')
 lets start off my haul!!!

So i went to some mall and i brought all the nail polish in same shop. And good thing about them is they were in my budget ;)

This black polish is from MAC. It cost me 0.50 US$ which is 50 bucks in here. Its beautiful black and its bottle is stylish ;)

Ahh Glitter. I aint big fan of BLING BLING!! But i brought glitter polish almost after 4  to 5 years. so yeap i ma quite addicted and enjoy applying in almost every polish :P Its from MAC Agian (:

This white polish is from MAX. It cost me around 1US$ that is around 100 bucks here. This Polish is good but i prefer VOV white polish (: i didnt find it anywhere \:

Than i brought Fast drying top coat from "Charm Limit" I forget to click pic -.-" something wrong with my memory :o :P

Can you see i have been waring leopard print nail art in the pics above? I will upload blog about it soon. Stay Tuned (:

Take Care  

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