Happy 2014

by - January 01, 2014

Hello Everyone!!.
Welcome to 2014 and Goodbye to 2013. 2013 been a good year for my blog. I gain some followers and meet some inspiring people. The best thing was when I participate on 31DC on September I love that adrenaline rush to paint my nail everyday. It was like a ultimate challenge that keep pushing me to do some of my design last year. Let wait and watch what 2014 has for me, for all of us.
I been busy with remodeling of home,some works, lots of power cuts and Catching up with the TV show called CASTLE . I know Judge Away. Sometimes I just hooked up with some shows. Well anyway Let me jump to pics and share what I have for you!
I just wrote 2014 on my nails. I didn't had much time to bring the idea together but then again I couldn't have missed a new year post. So I just did what came i my mind at first place and I am quite satisfied with design.  I hope you all have a Great year ahead. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 TO ALL OF YOU. I will see you soon. Remodelling home is almost over just few more days I will Catch with you all regularly.

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  1. Happy New Year hun... Hope this will be an amazing year for you. xxx

  2. That's a great mani for the new year - Happy New Year to you!

  3. Happy new year!
    I love your nails ;) they look beautiful!

    And I'm looking forward to read all of your next posts in 2014 ;)

  4. Great New Years mani...happy New Year!

  5. I love this, and happy new year to you! <3

  6. These look great, I love the sparkly background and the numbers look perfect!

  7. Happy New Year to you, too! I love your sparkly 2014 mani! I'm so excited to see all of the amazing nail designs you will come up with for this year!

  8. Happy new year to you too. I love this manicure and how you've outlined the numbers with the thinner lines. Hope the remodeling goes well!


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