Winter Sweater And Rein Deer

by - December 04, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Winter is here so is Christmas. So here is my very first winter manicure. Although I dont celebrate Christmas it been kind of favorite holiday since childhood. I love the Idea of Santa Claus :D
Today I have a winter sweater and reindeer design to share.
The colors are from Top Lady 08 (Red), Pure Ice Free Spirit (Green), Revlon Chance Encounter (Silver). White from Hello Kitty Collection and acrylic paints is used to fill all those small details.

Everything is free handed even the rein deer. It took quite a time but it was totally worth it. Too bad I am planning to remove it soon for another Mani. I made a winter sweater design on my index and pinky finger. Rein deer on my accent nails and red green ombre on my middle finger. The reason I did omber was my big sis. She is kind of getting obsessed with ombre lately so this is for YOU big sis. I am very proud and satisfy with the overall manicure. Let me know what you think about it. Thank You for visiting. I will see you soon
Until Then...

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  1. Your nails are definitely prepared for Christmas. The reindeer came out excellent!

  2. It's really cute - well done :)
    Love your little Santa teddy!

  3. Awesome nail art as usual. You can if you want still join the challenge I've joined, there is no demand to do all themes, just the ones you want. :) You cold just start next Tuesday with Christmas Candy ;) Would be fun if you joined, but I also understand if it's cutting too close. Here is a link to all info if you're interested: and here I did one too:

  4. Wooow those nails look amazing! Totally in Christmas mood now

  5. This is a great design, love it <3

    I like your new blog layout too :-D

  6. I love it! That bear is sooo cute too. And is it just me, or did you change your layout? Hihi.

  7. Wow the reindeer looks amazing!! I thought it was stamped and then I read you freehanded it, amazing job!

  8. How beautiful looks your manicure :)


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