3D Nail Studs Resin + Holographic foils Review

by - November 28, 2015

*Product were provided to me for review. All opinions are mine and not influenced by third party. 

Hello Everyone!!! How are you all. Any plans for weekend?
The weather is quite gloomy here. The sun has been playing hide and seek since morning. Seems like winter has finally arrived. As for me I planned on spending my weekend by reading the fourth installment of Millennium series(A girl in the spider's web) and drinking a cup of coffee or four ;)
So today I have final BPS review for now on the blog. You can see my rest of the review here,here,here and here. I was sent six items out of which you have already seen four. Two were left and I decided to do it together. So I have two products review in one post. Make sense?
The first product is 1mm-10mm Mixed Bowknot Nail Studs Resin Colorful 3D Nail Decoration For UV Gel Nail Art. It comes in this really cute plastic box. The box contains mixed 3D rhinestone. They vary on size as well and contains super cute nail gems.They were actually too big for my nails. And honestly this is  by far the most biggest and heaviest nail accessories that I wore on my nails. They were easy to apply and seems to stick just with the help of top coat. One of the reason I chose the product was the Mustache Stud that is shown in BPS Website but sadly I didn't had one when I opened the package. So I was kind of little disappointed.

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It came in the canister. They are approximately 100cm long and 4cm in width.It contains multiple styles of leaves  and feather  and the pattern is repeated throughout the foil.The holo effect on these foils is really strong but however I struggled hard to get the holo to show. The nail foil transferred nicely and easily.

Use my coupon code ASXW10 to get 10% discount.
So this is what I came up with. Beside my accent nails I transferred the holographic leaves and feather on to my nails. As for accent nails I simply applied two nail gems.

If you are interested in these Cute nail gems and Leaves and Feather Holographic foils ,You can buy this product from here and here for only $2.66 and $1.79 respectively!! If you use my discount code ASXW10 you can get 10% off your entire order.
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide. 
What do you think about these two products? As for me I love both of product. If you want to try 3D nail art then the above nail gems is a must have ;)

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  1. Ooh I love how the foils look on your nails and I love the heart accent nail :)


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