Colorful Feather Water Decals - BPS Review

by - January 22, 2016

 *Product were provided to me for review. All opinions are mine and not influenced by third party.
Hello Everyone. Ready for weekend?
Continuing with my BPS review, today I have a very cute feather pattern to show you. The feather are kind of tribal or is it just me? The Product is Colorful Feather Water Decals BP-W18.

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The water decals came in transparent plastic cover.  It contains small individual feather as well as one large portion containing mixture of feathers. You can use the large one to cover an entire nail or the individual ones to create tons of manicure. It was very easy to use, few minutes in water and the decals slide right off the paper and easily applied on the nails.
Get 10% discount using my coupon code "ASXW10"
 I love these feather pattern. Who doesn't? They are cute, colorful and fun to wear. For this manicure I used individual feathers as my little sister's nails are small to show the big ones.

Let me know what you think about these cute feather decals.
If you are interested in these Colorful Feather Water Decals BP-W18.You can buy this product from here for only $1.50!! If you use my discount code ASXW10 you can get 10% off your entire order.
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  1. Great feathers! They look great over white.

  2. They are pretty and is very nice over white!

  3. I have these decals and I never used them. I think that they look fun on your nails!

  4. These feathers are sooo cute and colourful!

  5. I love BPS feather decals too. They look awesome


  6. Hello again :-D

    These are pretty decals :-D

  7. These feathers are so cute, I love their bold colours! I think you paired the polish with it perfectly too :) Beautiful!


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