Cairuo "Chocolate" Polish Review

by - April 08, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
I brought 9 nail polishes few days back so here I am to review two of them for today. The polishes I brought was mostly from the company named Cairuo. I have used this brand before and I must say the colors they have are beautiful. What I love about this brand is the polish smells exactly like their name suggests.

Cairuo "Chocolate 33"
The first Polish is named Chocolate 33. But I would say the color is more like dirty or muddy nude. Of course it smells like Chocolate hmm yummy. The color is opaque in first coat but still I painted two coats with Cairuo topcoat. The drying is wonderful -1 to 2 minutes. 

Nameless brand but Cute bottle 
The second polish I am going to review doesn't have any brand name but it does have a cute bottle. It shaped teddy bear. The only information is on the bottom of the bottle written in foreign language. The shade is beautiful purple.I painted two coats with Cairuo topcoat. The drying is 1 to 2 minutes.My camera wouldn't caught the exact color of polish so its more blue than purple. Last image is how the color should be.

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  1. The first one does not look a bit like chocolate, but if it smells like it...than it is OK :)) I like the lavender one better!

  2. The second shade is great but the first one is OK too :)

  3. Hi dear! The second is very pretty! I would stamp with black on the first one :)

  4. LOL - a weird chocolate - I don't like scented polishes...
    But I love the teddy bottle and the cute color!

  5. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  6. A polish that smells like chocolate :O ? Sound great :)
    And I love the colour of the second one, perfect for spring and summer!

  7. Ohh these are both super pretty, I have to agree though, the first does not look very chocolately. I LOVE the second shade, like beautiful spring flowers and the bottle is so cute!

  8. Hi! Beautiful post))
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC?
    Let me know and I will follow back))


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