ABC Challenge: A is for Anchor | Nail Art Challenge

by - May 10, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!

I have decided to join another nail art challenge - ABC Challenge! which is hosted by  NailPolishSociety.
 What is the ABC Challenge?
The ABC Challenge is a nail art challenge inspired by the letters of the alphabet. The goal is to complete all of the 26 letters. But don't let that deter you if you can't participate each week, or if you want to join in late.Anyone and everyone can participate.Post your manicures that correspond with the schedule on your social media with the hashtag #nailpolishsocietyabc.
You can find all the information in this post from Emiline  Of Nail Polish Society.
My A is for Anchor. My first idea was to make small apple as just french manicure which didn't turn out well. So I settled with something that I am comfortable with.
I have started with white base coat which is "Milk" From Cairuo. Then I made Anchor with toothpick and stripers and added two stripes on my accent nails.
I like how it turned out. So what do you think?
I will try to keep up with the challenge and try to post on every Friday or Saturday. If not I will  do it on my own pace.
PS: I will be doing this challenge on my little sister nails because my ring finger just started to suffer from Fungal Infection. The nightmare never seems to end.
PPS: Can anyone please tell me how to add InLinkz in the post. Thank You!

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  1. Nice anchors, as if they were smiling :)

  2. The anchors are really nice and the nail challange sounds fun!

    1. Thank you. Its is. As the challenge is on weekly basis. its very flexible :)

  3. Lovely idea dear! Have a great day! xx

  4. Really cute anchors! I like how flexible this challenge is I might join in for a few prompts :) hope your infection clears up!

    1. Thank you. I would love to see what you came with in the challenge. Looking for ward xD

  5. These are cute! I hope the the infection on your finger gets well soon however!
    As for the InLinkz, Nail Polish Society will post a new link for each new day here: When you click the link, just follow the instructions (you'll have to set up an account with InLinkz). You should then get the HTML code to add to your post, then go to the post itself, and click the 'Add your link' to add your link. Hope this makes sense!

    1. Thank you. Actually the infection were healed but it started again :(

      Thank you so much x.I think I managed to add the InLinkz on my post :D

  6. Nice Nails



I absolutely love reading all of your comments. Its means a lot to me. So keep them coming :D but I request you not to post any link that is not related to my post. Thank you!!