Nail Polish Haul!!

by - October 29, 2012

Few days back i went for some crazy shopping. My ultimate goal was to get some insane amount of nail colors ♥ sadly i couldn't find much variety of colors or the one that i wanted :( i need to satisfy with whatever option shop had. Here is the three nail color i liked the most. so i gonna post about them :D but before i get started lemme share some experience about my shopping. This is first shopping i ever did myself. Generally i asked my sisters or my mom to brings me nail colors. and i use whatever color they bring.  i wanted to get some weirdest color of my own so this shopping was most ^^

I wanted to buy polish from "China Glaze" but i couldn't find it |: i roam almost every shop  and no one sell china glaze polish \: i was shocked when few of the shopkeeper said me they never heard about this brand and some of them literally went china what? o.O i feel bad and amazed at the same time how shop over here don't have any choices nor they are brand conscious. I really didn't have any choices at all. Whenever i asked "i need nail colors" they used to give me a bucket full of different company brand polish and they mostly contain shade of red awe sucks \: The brand that i used mostly are "Asta Berry" and "Street Wear" but Asta Berry was out of stock or something and Street Wear was out of my budget \: but anyhow i got almost all the colors that i was planning to buy. so lets talk about them (: 

 I brought orange yellow and green nail colors (: orange and yellow no doubt for Halloween :D and green well i ma so into green days "Green is the new black" ;)

This nail color costs me some cents may be 0.50 US dollar. But if i covert it in my currency it will be 40bucks. I was satisfied with this orange color at first sight. I really couldn't find any company name but at the bottom of the nail color "Color Cosmetic 62" has written.

This costs me about 1 dollar that is 70 bucks. i love this yellow color although i already have two shades of yellow but this yellow is what i always wanted. it pure yellow let me put it that way And i totally adore its bottle :P cant find company name here to. Its written either in Korean or in Chinese language

This cost me 75 bucks. This green is lovely. I never tried this shade of green before let see what kinda of nail art i will come up with. This nail color is from "Camieo 1392" This nail brand is quite awesome to. i use black and white polish from same company :') 

So this was my nail polish haul. i will update more if i got chance to go for random shopping agian ;) stay tuned i will paint my nail with Halloween theme in few hours will be uploading it tomorrow or in Halloween (: see ya soon
Take care

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