Blood Drip Nail Art

Hello Eeveryone!!
Its October!! Yay \o/ Halloween Time :')  Are you planning to go to any party and want to scare some fellas? ;)  Today I got the famous Scary Bloody Nail art to share with you guys.
This manicure rocked some runaway. Models were spotted with this blood dripping manicure. Interesting Enough! 

This mani keeps up the spirit of Halloween alive and its really easy to make .A toothpick and some red polish are all you require to pull off this spooky, creepy manicure which is perfect for any Halloween bash.  Dip the toothpick into the polish and place a small dot about halfway down your nails, drag the polish up to the tip of your nail. Repeat - depending on how many blood drops you want in your nails.
I hope you enjoy todays mani. Please do share a pic with me if you try this mani at home.
See ya!