Christmas Garland

by - December 23, 2013

Hello There!!
Just two before Christmas so I am here to share another festive Mani. I am just gonna make this s quick post so let jump into the pics!
 Colors Used are Street Wear Glazed Green 19,Bloom Floral Green, Bloom Red and Max Glitter Yellow.
 I choose to stay with french Mani. I wanted to do fill my accent nails with garland but I drop the idea because the final product didn't satisfied me. It looked kind weird. I made the garland with toothpick. Lots of tiny dots in circular way. It was time conmusing but I am happy how it looked and pleased!
Let me know what you think about this Mani. Comment below!!!

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  1. Soooo stunning !! Love how fresh this looks, might even steal the idea for my christmas mani . (My nails are still naked cause I'm doing ALL the cooking this year. ) .


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