Fairy Tale Hearts

by - February 10, 2013

Hi Ladies!!
Once upon time there lived a "Angel" who fell in love with the "Devil". Devil had dark power so it was black. but Angel LOVE Devil so much the Devil slowly start to turn good and became angel with black wings no halo,and they lived happily ever after :')
Hello There! I suck at story telling, aint I? *sigh*

Alrighty This nail art does't tell any story i just made myself . But it does have fairy tale theme - Heart ,halo, wings and horn and tales. Confused?? let me show you pic and hope you get it ;) 

Who does not want a happy ending? This mani has happy ever after theme. what do you think?  The idea for this mani just popped up in my head out of nowhere. So I quickly took my nail polish and start painting off which gradually ended being a story. I hope you like this mani.
See Ya!

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