Happy Earth Day 2014

by - April 22, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22 When the World Go Green and many events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Although Earth Day is today but, environmental awareness should lasts all year. 
Going green has become a way of life for many from recycling to embracing ways to be more Earth Friendly. There are so many ways to show how much we love our earth.After all isn't this a precious planet that we live on?   Another way to show your love for planet Earth is to paint it on your nails *wink*. Today's nails were (obviously) inspired by Earth Day.  I was actually really happy with this theme because I had never attempted to do an Earth Day mani, so I was beyond excited.
Colors used are Top Lady White And Revlon Mint Green. Rest of the design are made from acrylic paint.
Here is the closer look of my design. I drew heart and earth on my thumb symbolizing "LOVE EARTH", On my Index Finger I simple wrote "EARTH DAY",The recycle symbol on middle finger with "3R" which definitely means Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle, A Happy Earth on my ring finger and finally a green footstep on my pinky which I want it to represents as "Lets leave our footprint on earth in green ways" Simple Means 'GO GREEN' .
I love the final product. Its perfect for Earth Day and lets call it "A Nail Art With Purpose". I hope that you are recycling today! (and every day!!) Do your part- even if it's something simple, Your small effort can save our earth. I hope you enjoy today's mani, let me know on the comment below. Now get off the internet and do something for Earth today and the rest of coming other days :P :D

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