Dream Catcher

by - May 16, 2014

 Hello Everyone!!!
Today I would like to share the dream catcher nails! I am so in love with this design. I have seen tons of dream catcher nail art and wanted to try it out. But I always messed up while making feathers but somehow this time it turned out quite good.
 I started out with a base color of Top Lady White, and using acrylic paints and a very tiny  art brush I painted the dream catchers and feathers. I really love how the feathers turned out!
Its so hard actually, took so long to make those feathers. But I am Satisfied.I hope you like today's mani. Let me know on the comment below. Thank You for visiting.

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  1. your version's perfect! I like it. A lot:)

  2. These look really awesome - I like it :-)

  3. Those dreamcatchers look just perfect ;)

    xx julia

  4. Awww...this is so cute! I super love the designs and they are so perfect for the theme.

  5. i love to see dreamcatcher nails, they always look so cute! i totally failed at freehanding them XD


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