Funky French Football

by - May 31, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! Any plans for weekend?!?
I am super excited to share today's mani. As World Cup (FIFA) is around the corner I made some Football French Tip  to spice up my nails. I am sucker for World cup and Spain. Viva El Espanol ;) Are you excited about World cup? Which country are you supporting?!?
Colors used are Top Lady White and as usual  using acrylic paint and thin brush I Painted the balls and rest of the details.
Like I mentioned earlier I am gonna support Spain (I always support Spain) that why I made a mini flag of Spain on my accent nails and I Heart Football on my index.
 I made similar design on my kiddo nails. But I created something different on her accent nails. I made a football and a cartoonist man holding Spain flag ( That small cartoonist Man is David Villa lol ^-^)
 Here is the joint picture of me and kiddo's Mani.Too early to celebrate World cup? I guess not. I hope you like today's design Let me know on the comment below. And I will see you soon. Thank You for Visiting.

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  1. Sweet, I like it!

    Oddly enough I'm Scottish and I'll be supporting England - only seems right! Might keep an eye on the Italians too ;-)

  2. You are so ready for the world cup :)

  3. Wohooo cool to see some FIFA nails hihi ^.^
    You drew the football so well, I totally suck at that lol
    Strangely there weren't many Fifa nails around yet, were there?

  4. What a great and fun mani! Your footballs are so well drawn! :)

    ~ Yun

  5. Very sweet - the two manis together! Love the footballs! :-)


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