Black Hearts

by - February 06, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
Since last few weeks (almost a month may be now) my nails are separted from its nail bed. The separation occurs gradually and is painless. Does anyone know WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!? I am quite upset about this so I cut my nails and have been applying some antibiotics cream. The pinky finger is healed but my ring finger seems to be getting worse. And the growing process of my nails are slow (Turtle slow).
Can anyone suggest what happened? Is this serious? Do I need to go for check up, if so what kind of doctor should I refer? Is there anything like "NAIL DOCTOR" or skin doctor should be fine?
 Beside upsetting part I have very simple manicure to share today.  I am not a "crazy in love" kind of girl. I quite dont believe in this whole LOVE stuff. Well anyway, although being said all that I do have a Valentine manicure to share hehe.
The base color is from Top Lady
Because my nails are depressing lately I just thought of doing something very simple that doesnt require using much of polish. So I attached some black beads in love shape in accent nails and blue square stud on my rest of the finger.
As my nails been getting worse I decided to paint my nails less may be I will quit painting until its healed proeperly. 
I hope you like today's post. Thank you for visiting. I will see you soon.
Until then...

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  1. I don't know what is it... Lovely cheerful mani :)

  2. Isn't it just because it's a bit moist and/or oily residue from cuticle care and hand care?
    The mani is really pretty!

  3. Gorgeous mani love the base colour :-)

    I've never seen anything like that before. No idea. Sorry to hear of your pain. Have you tried looking online? Or speaking to a nail tech that you know or even going to your local salon to ask them? Failing that I'd see a doctor as you are suffering.

  4. I'm really sorry I can't offer any insight to what is happening with your nails :( Don't let it get you down, I am sure there will be a way to fix it. Someone will know what is going on! I think Ananka's advice is great, a nail technician will have seen all sorts of nail problems. On the plus side.. Your manicure is looking great, I love the blackheart, it looks really pretty :) <3 xx

  5. I don't know what it can be, but a professional manicurist, who has a lot of knowledge about the nail anatomy I am sure it could give you an answer. First I think you should live your nails to breath and don't use for a while any pigmented polishes. Good luck with it and keep us informed!
    Although you painted nails, look great, perfect for V-Day :)

  6. I know what it is!! It's called Onycholysis and means that the nail is actually getting loose from the skin. Meaning "nail loosening".

    It is not dangerous and is often self-inflicted due to too much use of nail hardener and other polishes with "formaldehyde" content. Other causes can be picking/ripping/pealing of polish by a stick or by hand or using peel-off-polish-bases.

    The tip is to moist regulary, keep the nails short and NEVER use them as tools so they don't get ripped up more than they are. And try using 3-free or 5-free polish (and NO nail harderner during this time) and no nail art glue on them either.

    A swedish blogger recently discussed this here because she was affected:
    (it's in swedish but you can google translate it)

    Here is more info:

    Hope it will get better <3

    Still, beautiful mani too :)

  7. gorgeous mani!

    Sorry about your nail! I've had this happen to me before and never really understood what was happening but it usually disappears after a few days by itself. I find that keeping it moisturised and not painting my nails for a few days really helps the healing. Hope it gets better soon!

  8. sorry to hear about your nails! :( I'm not sure what it is but a few of my nails did that over 10 years ago... so now the white tips of my nails are super uneven and I usually keep my nails a bit longer and painted to hide them

    hope you can find a way to heal your nails!

  9. lovely mani, can't wait to see your next... after you finish your treatment :D


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