A Bloody Nightmare

by - February 26, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
If you read my last post then you know I am having some majar nail problems. With your comment I came to know it is "Onycholysis". I knew nothin about it so I searched google and post about it on one of nail group on facebook that I am member of. The ladies there, were great help. Few suggested me a product called "Dr G" or any other anti nail fungus product. So I went for a haunt of "Dr G" few weeks back. Too bad I couldnt find it anywhere. I even asked for any other anti fungal product but it seems like no one knew what I was talking about.
After roaming around like 2 hours I thought of visiting near by drug store (clinic) and see if they had any anti fungus medicine (in my place we dont need strict doctor prescription to buy medicine.) So I showed my nail and asked if they had any anti fungus cream that I could use. The lady on the counter was kind enough to look at my nails and she said they do have some cream but she refuse to give it and strictly suggested  me to go visit  a doctor because this might be a serious health issue. She suggested if I would like a check up, they did have  a skin doctor  available right then.
A serious health issue?!?! what the hell. As I had searched google number of times to know about Onycholysis the word "serious" brought too many bad thoughts. Google can be frightening sometimes. I didn't had courage, so I booked the appointment for next Friday. I went home and told the family about it and mom being  a sweetheart told me she will come along with me.
Finally the Friday came.I went to visit the doctor. I told him about my nails. He asked me number of question when I replied most of them as NO he finally settled to a FUNGUS infection on my nails (Yeah no serious health problem. what a relief *sigh*)  The doctor said the skin under my nails started to get rotten. Like serious rotten, cant he use any other nice words to describe it. Rotten sounds like too degradable \:
I asked what caused the fungus but the doctor seemed to have no idea. I told my obsession about nail polish  and he made it clear nail polish doesn't do that (Yeah again) He said this might be of water infection. I don't know whats that supposed to mean. May be too much moist on skin caused fungus?!?
He told me this is gonna take long time to heal, for now he said 6 bloody months. He prescribed me an anti fungus tablet for 3 month that I am supposed to take each day for 1 month and 1 in a week for 8 weeks, and anti fungus cream that I am supposed to apply twice a day until it gets healed. And he asked me to come back after 3 months. So that's my story. 

rotten nails *sigh*
As a nail blogger this is nightmare came true. I have been painting my nails for almost 10 years now and all of a sudden I cant. I am depressed, sad, hurt and angry. I have no idea how long will it take time to heal. or Will it ever heal? What if my nails never grow back?  The thought of not being able to paint my nails again scared the shit out of me. I just wish I would wake up and this turn out to be nothing but just a bad dream (but that's not gonna happen.)
I am pissed more than pissed. Life is totally bitch. In one hand I am happy I don't have any serious health problem on the other I am so afraid to loose my nails. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. THIS IS SO ANNOYING!!!!
Guess I don't have any other choice than to wait for 6 months to pass. So until then what I am gonna do with this little blog I have?!? I don't have any other passion besides nail art to share. I don't do make up or fashion. But I don't want to kept it ideal.So what I decided is I am gonna share my progress( if that happened) I will share some random stuff, may be my next random shopping, the next book I read or the movie I watched and if my kiddo is free to do some painting on her nails instead.
Thank you all for your sweet comment on my earlier post. It did help me. At least I knew where to start. Trust me I can use some encouragement and kind words to keep me going.
I am trying to stay positive and hoping this will heal. Well this one was helluva long post. I hope you manage to read till last. Hope to seeing you all soon. 
Until then...

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  1. I'm sure will pull through the month ahead of you - I really feel your frustration and anger, but sometimes life throws us curveballs like that.
    I hope the meds help and that you heal soon!!
    All the best <3

  2. You can't paint your nails? Shit :( At least you have them all... seriously. When I read about your nails for the first time, I thought that maybe some kind of a cuticle remover dissolved your skin or something like this...

  3. Oh hun that truly and royally sucks! Sending happy healing vibes your way so you can get back to painting!

  4. I am sure it will heal sooner than 6 month! Keep doing the treatment and relax because it will be OK with the time and I don't think that you will lose your nails. I understand your frustration but maybe until your nails will heal totally you could put your nail art ideas on fake nails and share it with us! Have a great day and weekend! I wish you all the best!

  5. Sorry to hear of your problems. At least you know what it is now and are getting treatment. I'm so glad you went to see a doctor. At least you are on the road to recovery :-)

    Sharing your progress would be a good start and it would be interesting to see as well. Even if only for your own benefit to see how things are heeling. I'd also be happy to read what you post about or your adventures :-) As Manases Andrea says, show use your ideas on swatch wheels too :-D

    Do try to stay postitive and visualise your nails as they were before this, it will help.

    Big hugs xx

  6. Hold on! I hope it will get better soon!

  7. Oh no this is really sad! :( I'm so sorry to read about your problems, it really is a nightmare for us nail bloggers... Luckily it's nothing too serious though, and I do think your nails and skin will restore themselves in time when you take the prescriptions of your doctor. Keep thinking positive thoughts and I hope you will be better soon!

  8. Oh my! I hope your nails will get better soon! You can try posting about your nail art collection or such. And if you need anything at all, just let me know. I'll do my best to help.

  9. wow, not be able to paint your nails really sounds like nightmare, but be patient, everything will be o.k, hang on :*


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