We Will Rise Again

by - May 17, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
It happened again. After the devastating earthqauke we had in April 25th Life did started to get normal, People started to move on. I on the other hand decided to paint my nails. I wanted to tribute to all those monuments we lost. After a week of constant fear, painting my nails was great distraction. After gathering courage for week or two I finally decided to go to my room and blog. Everything seemed quite normal, I was lost in blogging while suddenly it happened agian. Everything start to shook  and I was running for my life Agian. We were hit by 7.4 magnitute of earthquake, a aftershock. It was a very cruel dejavu.
The devastating Earthquake we had in April 25th and the constant aftershocks might have shook us all from the core but we are all determined to rise agian. While there is Life there is Hope. And not losing hope is the most important thing right now. We Nepalese are very thankful for all the foreign help and will always be indebted. Many of our monuments were destroyed but we wll built them brick by brick and rewrite our proud history again.
Here is something that I made to tribute. I painted "DHARAHARA" one of our monuments that signified our history. To reflect we will stand tall again and will find light even through all this darkness.

I simple made Dharahara with acrylic paint on my thumb and wrote "we will rise agian" on my sister's thumb ( I still cant paint my rest of the fnger because of fungal infection. I have been painting on my sister's nails for months now.)
And here is little something My little sister decided to do on her nails. She painted everything by herself. She made a Nepal Flag on her accent nails and wrote some inspiring words that we desperately need right now.
Hoping to see you all soon. Please pray for us.

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  1. Shit, it happened again... I'm glad you're safe and that you have a different way of painting nails when yours are ill.

  2. Shit, it happened again... I'm glad you're safe and that you have a different way of painting nails when yours are ill.

  3. I'm also glad you are safe - it must be so scary and devastating...
    I love you mani!

  4. I am glad to hear that you're safe. I saw in the news some pictures that brought tears to my eyes. Small children, without parents because they can not find them...absolutely horrible. The manicure that you and your little sister painted are a great tribute and a great and positive message to all that are a live!

  5. I immediately thought of you when I heard about the after shock - I am so happy that you are still okay! It's a lovely tribute manicure that you did and I think it's great that you stay this positive. Hugs!

  6. Nice mani. It's a nice tribute to the terrible things happening around you. Stay strong :-)

  7. i'm glad you're safe, hope the things will only get better from now on :D


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