3D Black Lace Nail Sticker From BPS

by - October 31, 2015

*Product were provided to me for review. All opinions are mine and not influenced by third party. 

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Halloween. May Devil Bless you ;)
Although Its Halloween today I dont have any Halloween theme nailart to share, I did that on my last post already but no need to be dissapointed I am here to share a product review with you all.
If you read my last post, I mentioned I got the goodies from BPS so you will be seeing a lot of review for few weeks. I hope you like reading  it as much as I enjoy writing them.
Today I have these Black Lace Nail Stickers from the Born Pretty Store to show you.
Use my coupon code ASXW10 to get 10% discount.
Here is the package of stickers as they arrived. They were in a sealed plastic bag, and had a clear over sheet to protect them.  There is clear instruction on the back of the package. There are two pattern suitable both for short and long nails. Each row was enough to cover all nails. The stickers have very high adhesive so need to be careful on where you want to put it or there is high chance the sticker will pull of the polish. So make your mind first on where you want to place them. These Stickers are little thick and have a visible raised line where the sticker edge is on the nail. Creating Lace nail manicures will be easy now :)
Below are the manicure that I made.
I choose the classic color combination of black and nude. I simply painted my nails with Cairuo Chocolate 32 and very carefully pulled off the stickers with tweezers and applied on the nails. On the accent nails I applied the Full sized stickers , for the rest of the nails I chose to apply small sized stickers. I made this manicure on my little sister's nails.
Use my coupon code ASXW10 to get 10% discount.
This is the second manicure that I made using these lovely stickers. I tried to create a lace french tip manicure in my accent nails and added a golden stud on rest of the nails (Please ignore my nails shape. Its still under construction :P)

If you are interested in these Black Lace Nail Stickers ,You can buy this product from here for only $0.99!! If you use my discount code ASXW10 you can get 10% off your entire order.
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide. 
So what do you think guys? Let me know in the comments below what your opinions are on these gorgeous stickers.

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  1. These stickers look amazing. I really like them :-D

  2. Lace is so pretty on the nails. Your mani is classy!

  3. Oh, these stickers really look lovely, so classy and elegant ♥


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