ABC Challenge: L is for Leaves | Nail Art Challenge

by - July 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!!! 
Its Friday which means time for ABC Challenge. Its a week for L meaning we need to make anything that start from Letter L. I had so many option for this theme. It was actually very hard to choose. But after searching for few ideas I settled for Leaves. So my L is for Leaves. Warning : too many images *Grins*
 I clicked the images inside and outside the room ergo the differences. Generally I just click them inside my room. I am very satisfied with the final outcome. I am proud actually.
I simply wanted to paint the leaves in white base as usual. But decided to try them with brown base so you know to give a tree feel? But it look boring/ plain. So I fan brushed with darker shade of brown than base. Few swipe from fan brush and the background look much better.
The color used are Caiuro Chocolate 33(base color) and Cairuo Chocolate 35. Then I hand painted the leaves from acrylic paint. Below is the images that I clicked before outlining the leaves. I was afraid I might ruin whole manicure. So just for backup I snaped few pic. But I did manage to create less mess while outlining. I love the matte effect  it has.
I kinda fell in love with this manicure. This is definitely one of those manicure that I would love to paint  all over again. May be I  will  paint some flowers over the leaves next time.
So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below.

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  1. The dry brushed background goes perfectly with the leaves!

  2. Great mani, I really like it :-D

  3. Your design looks very lovely, you did a great job here :)

  4. Love the fan brush base :) great job on the leaves too!

  5. Pretty and different design



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