Houndstooth Nails

by - July 18, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I am gonna share houndstooth nails that I actually made for ABC Challenge. But for some reason  didn't like it back then and settled with Half moon. The manicure was just sitting somewhere in my computer so I just decided to share them and be done with it. I find this pattern very bold and beautiful. There are plenty of tutorial in YouTube. I followed one of them.
Remember I once shared a cute teddy bear bottle nail polish? I used it as a base coat. (its really annoying to have a nameless polish) Once the base coat is completely dry, with a  brush, I created the Houndstooth shape pattern using  acrylic paint. Now as I look at it. Its not that bad. What do you think? Let me know on the comment below. 

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  1. It looks very well for a freehand!

  2. It looks very well for a freehand!

  3. I thought they are stamped :) It came out fantastic!

  4. Great job on the freehand! I just got a hounds tooth stamp haha I don't think I could do it freehand


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