ABC Challenge : R is for Ribbon | Nail Art Challenge

by - October 07, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
From  today onward ( every Friday) we will continue with the ABC Challenge that went on halt for 31DC Challenge. You can see my previous post for ABC Challenge here.We stopped at Letter Q so today is the day for Letter R. For this theme I decided to match a prompt that will be even suitable for the month of October. As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. So I decided to R is for Ribbon (Pink). A month long festival started here so I wont be able to paint nails frequently that's why I am gonna mix and match the theme of October and this challenge together. 
As usual I started with White base. Than I dabbed three different pink polish on white base with crumbled plastic. Once I was satisfied with the light gradient/smooch background I hand painted the rest of the design.
One thing I always struggle while making freehand manicure is the background. I find it easier working in white base but sometimes the manicure looks bland. Any tips and tricks to create subtle background beside gradient?
I hope you like today's manicure. Let me know on the comment below. I will see you next week.

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  1. It looks pretty and the aim is good. I've controlled my breasts at the doctor's this month.

  2. Cool idea to do a ribbon manicure! I love the design you created for you accent nail with the three ribbons arranged in a circle. For a subtle background that's not a gradient, one idea is to do tone-on-tone stamping. Maybe a cream color over the white, or a shimmery polish that stamps well? I haven't actually tried cream over white before, but you know how I love to do stamping. :D I like what you did here with the pink sponging!

  3. What a cute mani, and the theme is so important!

    Hmm nice backgrounds besides gradient.. maybe some design using a fan brush with similar colours?

  4. Cute mani for a great cause! For a subtle background... Maybe a really light water color mani?

  5. i like this mani, you are good,and its important subject ♥

  6. Ooh la la, that's really beautiful ♥

  7. A ideia é muito boa, estranho é ver o esmalte longe assim das cutículas.

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  8. Very nice & a great thought too! For a subtle background, you could try stamping with a similar colour or a jelly sandwich.

  9. very nice



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