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by - June 19, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back with some products to review from Born Pretty Store. Today I am gonna show you two of them. First is  the Polish from Metallic Mirror  Effect Series which BPS launched recently. Below is "Rose In Peril" - beautiful name for stunning polish.
The polish came in card box for safety and storage. Beside this beautiful shade there are four more option to choose from. The bottle contains 9ml of polish. The brush is a little thick for my choice but works fine. The polish is runny which makes little difficult to apply. While applying the polish the application did leave the brush stroke but once it started to dry out The brush stroke almost disappear
The Color is gorgeous. The color is very close to tea rose. I can see a little bit of mirror effect. According to Born Pretty Store website the mirror effect will be strong when its applied over UV base coat gel. I didn't use gel base but I am satisfied with the finish look.
Second Product is Stamping Guide Templates. It came in cardboard sleeves. There is no specific name for this templates but there are given numbers. I am showing you G003. There are two more templates too choose from. At First I wasn't sure how this guides will work but after few attempts I did manage to do it.
The process is quite easy actually. Just follow the regular stamping process but instead of pressing stamper on stamping plates, first place this guide on the prepared design and then press the stamper. Hope this makes sense. The only trouble I had with guide is I took my time to place it on desired pattern and when  I pressed the stamper the polish was already dried up and didn't transfer on stamper. So you really need to work little fast. Beside that there was no trouble at all.I love this guides. It gives a twist to stamping . I can see numerous way to use it. I will definitely recommend it to stamping lovers.
So what do you think? Have you tried this new range of polish or stamping template? If yes please do share your thoughts on comment below. 
If you interested in Metallic Polish or Stamping Guide you can buy here and here for  $3.59 & $3.99 or any other nail products you can buy them from Born Pretty Store  and you can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order.
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. Oooh I love this polish on your nails, what a beautiful shade! Also I found the same as you wth the stampers, fast, fast, fast!

  2. Hey, I picked the same color as you! It's such a gorgeous color! I have some stamping templates, from bundle monster. They can be really fun to work with, although I mostly use them to isolate images. Great post!

  3. I bought these templates myself and I like the idea of them. The patterns are a little bit big for my (relatively small) nails, but I can use some of them.

  4. The nail polish really has that mirror effect and I like it with the stamping on too.

  5. Beautiful polish, I think I got the same for review ;-)

  6. The nail polish is so cute!! I think I will try it too! ;D

  7. The nails polish looks great, reminds me of essie Penny Talk, my first ever mirror polish. The template looks very useful, too!

  8. I love metallic polishes and this one is so cool


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