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by - August 04, 2017
Hello Everyone!!!
Today I am going to share my views on the final product that was sent to me for review. Its Luminous powder, in other word Glow In Dark Powder.You can see my rest of the review  here and here. I was both excited and nervous about trying it as I never used such product before. 
SKU: J2103-2A
The Powder came in sealed plastic bag. It contains approximately 10g and is available in 11 more color. I was very skeptical about it, if the product will work. The instruction in Beauty BigBang site says to mix it with clear nail enamel. I added half of the powder on my regular half used top coat and rolled the bottle to mix the powder and liquid. When I applied it on nails, it did work of course but wasn't applied smoothly on nails.  Some part was glowing and others not. Later I realized the powder are settled on the bottom of the bottle rather than mixing with the liquid. I wasn't satisfied with the result so I added one more layer of just top coat and dipped nails on remaining powder which gave a very satisfying result.
Sorry about the blur images but my camera wont just capture the light properly. But I assure you it was gorgeous glow in real. The powder gave a very light lime green color when its not glowing. It glows beautiful blue when exposed to light. The effect is very strong.
I was curious how it would look with a stamping so I added some skull stamping and well I am in love with the final look.
Final thoughts - I love the luminous powder. I wished it would work with top coat because it would have been so easy to apply. I am looking forward to use this on Halloween and already planning to paint my and sister's nails next time we go to the theater. The only cons I can say is that the cleaning part is  messy as the powder was everywhere. 
So what do you think about these lumious powder? Have you tried Glow In Dark product before? Please comment below and let me know. If you are interested in powder ID No SKU: J2103-2A you can buy them here  for $1.99. You can use my 10% site wide coupon code ROSY10 for all items on the site .BeautyBigBang offers free shipping worldwide.You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too,Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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  1. I like it with the skulls stamped on :) I haven't tried this powder myself, and I'm not sure I am going to because of the dipping of the nails into the powder. But I really like the effect of it :)

  2. You'd be able to scare somebody woth your nails ;D It's glowing like hell :D

  3. You'd be able to scare somebody woth your nails ;D It's glowing like hell :D

  4. On the first picture it doesn`t look good, but in the dark it looks awsome!

  5. I never tried glow in the dark nails, I don't know why. The effect is very interesting but I don't like that the surface of the nails don't look even because of it :( Great idea with the skulls!


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